Knight Crusader

Knight Crusader

By Ronald Welch
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Book Description

Philip d'Aubigny is a young knight in the kingdom of Outremer and can't wait to prove himself. His chance comes when he rides into battle to defend his home from attack by Saracen leader, Saladin and his army. But after a disastrous campaign, Philip is taken prisoner by the Turks and must work as a servant-and all the while he is plotting his escape. At last his opportunity arrives and Philip flees, joining Richard the Lionheart in his victorious Third Crusade
before finally travelling to Britain to claim his family's estate. Only when he arrives, he finds he must once again go into battle . . . This exciting tale has captured the hearts and imaginations of young readers for many years and was the winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal. This edition features
the original black and white illustrations throughout which perfectly evoke the atmosphere of the story.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Note on the Text
  • Foreword
  • Part One
    • Chapter One Jusuf Al-Hafiz
    • Chapter Two Jerusalem
    • Chapter Three The Fight by the Pool of Siloam
    • Chapter Four The High Court
    • Chapter Five War
    • Chapter Six The Wells of Saffaria
    • Chapter Seven The March to Tiberias
    • Chapter Eight The Battle of Hattin
    • Chapter Nine Saladin
  • Part Two
    • Chapter Ten Damascus
    • Chapter Eleven The Assassins
    • Chapter Twelve Krak Des Chevaliers
    • Chapter Thirteen Richard of England
    • Chapter Fourteen Peter de Chaworth
    • Chapter Fifteen The Battle of Arsuf
  • Part Three
    • Chapter Sixteen The Joust at Cardiff Castle
    • Chapter Seventeen Kidwelly Castle
    • Chapter Eighteen The Storming of Llanstephan Castle
    • Chapter Nineteen The Fight on the Dais
  • Historical Note
  • About the Author
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