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Worse Things Happen at Sea!
Alan Snow
Worse Things Happen at Sea!
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The people of Ratbridge are going crazy for the amazing miracle medicine, Black Jollop. But disaster strikes when it looks as though the powerful pick-me-up is running out! It's up to Arthur and his friends on board the Nautical Laundry to journey afar to gather the secret ingredient. It's excitement ahoy in this madcap story, full of hilarious and outrageous characters, including the loveable Boxtrolls who are now stars in the Oscar-nominated film The Boxtrolls.

Introducing the Characters
Chapter 1 Dirty Washing
Chapter 2 No Way Out?
Chapter 3 The Scales of Justice
Chapter 4 Fine!
Chapter 5 The Queue
Chapter 6 Treatment
Chapter 7 Fixed!
Chapter 8 An Offer
Chapter 9 Fireworks
Chapter 10 An Outrage!
Chapter 11 Ready for the Off
Chapter 12 Cast Off!
Chapter 13 Sunk!
Chapter 14 A Farewell to Harbour
Chapter 15 Surprise!
Chapter 16 Catching Up
Chapter 17 Snatcher Returns!
Chapter 18 Sail and Steam
Chapter 19 Party Plan
Chapter 20 A Barrel of Fun?
Chapter 21 The King and Queen of the Oceans
Chapter 22 The Night Watch
Chapter 23 Freedom
Chapter 24 The Big Secret
Chapter 25 The Doctor’s Story
Chapter 26 South to the Horn
Chapter 27 Land Ho!
Chapter 28 Monster!
Chapter 29 Monstrous Thoughts
Chapter 30 Gutted!
Chapter 31 In a Hole
Chapter 32 ‘Walkies!’
Chapter 33 The Supermarket
Chapter 34 The Hard Sell
Chapter 35 The Quiet Before the Storm
Chapter 36 The Battle of the Beach
Chapter 37 Under New Management
Chapter 38 Deal or No Deal
Chapter 39 Provisions
Chapter 40 The Doldrums
Chapter 41 Bristol
Chapter 42 Cheezilla!
Chapter 43 A Cheesy Ending
Chapter 44 The Wind-up …
The History of the Ratbridge Nautical Laundry
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