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My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral!
Ben Davis, Mike Lowery
My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral!
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My Dad - the King of Cringe! What's a boy to do when his mum disappears, his dad moves him and his sister to the middle of nowhere, and his life takes a very swift downward turn . . . secretly launch his dad on the internet as the Next Big Thing, of course! 'Hi guys! I bet every one of you knows what it's like to have an embarrassing parent - right? I bet they've done something so cringey that you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you whole. But let me tell you, my friend, NOBODY has a dad like mine. He takes embarrassing to a whole new level. If embarrassing was an Olympic sport, my dad would have, like, a gazillion gold medals.' This hilarious story will have instant appeal to a YouTube-watching generation and is told through a series of vlogs. Combining Ben Davis's brilliantly-funny voice and Mike Lowery's amazingly-amazing illustrations is sure to make this a hit with readers everywhere. After all, everyone knows what it's like to have an embarrassing parent, don't they?

Five Reasons Why You’ll Love this Book
Here's a Taste of the Laughter to Come …
00:00 The Longest Video I’ve ever Recorded
01:06 This Massive Shiver
02:28 I Hate Money
04:23 Dying of Embarrassment
06:04 Going Back to Basics
08:36 I am a Free Spirit
10:13 The Bounty of Nature
11:38 A Fine Mornin’ for Fishin’
14:00 You Mean like Internet?
14:53 Can I Get an Uh Huh?
17:58 What’s the Matter, Boy?
21:17 Tons
21:59 The Car Park Scam
24:55 Nature’s Carvery
26:59 A Pretty Impressive Lie
28:42 Gertrude
31:15 Stop Whining, You Wuss
32:35 Q
33:26 Secret Mission
34:25 Full of the Joys of Nature
37:58 Back in no Time
39:25 Be Funny
40:19 A Miserable Old Witch
43:39 To the Extreme
51:01 Fight!
56:30 The Ways of Combat
1:00:17 Grizzly Dadams
1:02:33 Bye Bye, Gertrude
1:05:18 Chicken Thief
1:07:05 A Decent Supply of Hens
1:14:42 Grizzly Dadams Jr
1:16:02 I’ve Never Met a Celebrity before
1:21:11 We all have Our Interests
1:21:59 I do Provide My own Accompaniment
1:25:37 Kryptonite
1:27:11 Murder
1:29:24 Miracle
1:31:03 Midlerrtalkkbaamaaa
1:32:00 The Mating Call of the Fox
1:32:55 Internet People
1:36:01 What would Grizzly Dadams do?
1:41:03 Message
1:42:27 What is the Meaning of this?
1:47:10 Norwich
1:49:00 Dodgy Curry
1:52:03 First Clarse
1:57:36 What’s your Story, then?
2:02:50 Is this Our New House?
2:04:15 Cluckcluckcluckcluck
2:06:57 Three Deep Breaths
2:08:33 That Greasy Idiot
2:12:30 Reported Sightings
2:15:18 Thanks for Watching
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