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Make Me Awesome
Ben Davis, Mike Lowery
Make Me Awesome
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Hey you! Yes, you! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought Wow! My life is really rubbish? I can tell from looking at you that you probably have. But I'm here to tell you that all that is about to change. Why not climb aboard the Make Me Awesome programme and buy a one way ticket to Awesometown, calling at Successville, Dollarsdale, and Camp You're the Greatest! My name is Chuck Willard and I CAN make you AWESOME, just like me! (Well, maybe not that awesome, I'm one of a kind) When Freddie Smallhouse signs up to the Make Me Awesome programme, he's ready to turn himself from zero to hero, all with the help of his idol, Chuck Willard. Freddie embarks on various schemes to make himself awesome safe in the knowledge that Chuck is always there, at the end of an email, to give him lots of personal advice . . . isn't he? A new laugh-out-loud story, from the brilliantly funny author of the Joe Cowley series and My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral.

How to Make Your Business as Awesome Aweso as it Can Be
My First Step Towards Awesomeness
Plan B
It’s Business Time
The Next Phase
The Viewing
The Job Hunt
The Fame Game
Prank You Very Much
Detecting an Opportunity
The Plan
The New Plan
Expectation vs Reality
The Match
Happy Birthday
Public Service
Chuck’s Awesome Hints for an Awesome Career in Politics
On the Campaign Trail
Meeting the Electorate
The Fixer
Celebrity Guest
The Losers’ Club
Turning It Around
More Like the Winners’ Club
The Assembly
Losers’ Rally
Spilling the Beans
The Mission
Election Day
The Vote
The Result
The End
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