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Creeper Files: The Root of all Evil
Hacker Murphy, Lucie Ebrey
Creeper Files: The Root of all Evil
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EXCLUSIVE: Investigator Hacker Murphy makes Creeper Files, detailing the nefarious activities of the most evil man/plant ever known, available for the first time. There's evil on the loose. Jake's dog knows there's a problem: why won't he go into the garden on his own? Jake's friends know there's a problem: who's the strange figure lurking in their garden? Jake knows there's a problem: what is the terrifying viney creature he is running away from?! Jake's mum has no idea there's a problem: she's a grown-up, you know what they're like. You'll never look at a potato in the same way again . . . Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Scooby Doo.

Chapter One Hello from Hacker
Chapter Two Beware the Broccoli
Chapter Three The Horrifying Half-Man
Chapter Four Field of Shattered Dreams
Chapter Five The New Head
Chapter Six Liam Gets a Hand
Chapter Seven Getting Clued Up
Chapter Eight A Word from Hacker
Chapter Nine Naming the Beast
Chapter Ten Hunted!
Chapter Eleven Back to the Greenhouse
Chapter Twelve The Plan Revealed
Chapter Thirteen Man vs Food
Chapter Fourteen A Bumper Crop
Chapter Fifteen Liam’s Explosive End
Chapter Sixteen Hacker’s Final Thoughts
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