The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy

By Polly Shulman
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Book Description

Elizabeth's new job is very unusual. The building where she works might not look very interesting but behind this ordinary Manhattan façade lurks a very special place indeed. Because here you can borrow anything your heart desires . . . And in the basement is something so special, so secret, that Elizabeth can't believe her eyes. The Grimm Collection. Powerful and mysterious items that must be kept safe and can't be lent out to just anyone. So when these objects
start disappearing Elizabeth must investigate. But who can she trust? One way or another she has to find out who is stealing from the Grimm Collection . . . and for what dark purpose.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1: I Receive a Gift and a Summons
  • Chapter 2: The New York Circulating Material Repository
  • Chapter 3: A Suspicious Page
  • Chapter 4: I Meet the Beast; Marc Merritt Acts Squirrelly
  • Chapter 5: Peculiar Patrons and Boots that don’t Work
  • Chapter 6: The Grimm Collection
  • Chapter 7: A Disagreement with a Mirror
  • Chapter 8: A Multiple-Choice Test and a Binder Clip
  • Chapter 9: The Preservation Room
  • Chapter 10: A Mysterious Menace
  • Chapter 11: A Feather and a Key
  • Chapter 12: An Invisible Armchair
  • Chapter 13: I Lose a Thumb-Wrestling Match
  • Chapter 14: A Forfeit
  • Chapter 15: I Lose My Way
  • Chapter 16: A Basketball Game
  • Chapter 17: Anjali Vanishes
  • Chapter 18: Marc Makes a Deal
  • Chapter 19: Embarrassing Reflections
  • Chapter 20: The Shrink Ray
  • Chapter 21: The Golden Key
  • Chapter 22: Betrayed
  • Chapter 23: A Princess Collector
  • Chapter 24: Andre to the Rescue
  • Chapter 25: The Garden of Seasons
  • Chapter 26: The Willpower of a Librarian
  • Chapter 27: A Carpet Ride
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author
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