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Office Administration for CSEC® Examinations 
Alison Trenfield-Newsome
Test Preparation
Office Administration for CSEC® Examinations 
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Office Administration for CSEC® Examinations is a comprehensive text for Caribbean students. This new, full-colour text from Macmillan offers comprehensive coverage of the latest CSEC syllabus. It has been developed by highly experienced Caribbean teachers, supported by a team of advisers from the Caribbean and the UK.The book includes clear, thorough explanations of key topics and concepts, real-life Caribbean examples based on students’ lives and experiences, In-Text Questions and examination practice questions at the end of each chapter. The material is presented in a variety of ways which is designed to engage students, keep them on task and improve learning.Key features:• Provides full coverage of syllabus as shown in the list of objectives at the start of each chapter• Concept maps at the start of each chapter to define the scope of the topic and to establish links within the topic• Clear and concise explanations of topics, with illustrations and examples based on students’ life experiences to aid understanding and recall• Material is presented in a variety of ways – text, tables, diagrams and charts to accommodate students with different learning styles• Includes different assessment methods – multiple choice questions, short answer questions and essay-type questions to prepare students for real examination conditions• Provides extensive coverage of topics that students find challenging• The book follows a clear and logical structure with each chapter building on the concepts and topics from the previous chapter• Provides step-by-step guidance for the SBA component – how to choose a topic, formulating a topic statement and suggestions for SBAs. There is a sample SBA with tips and a section on how to earn marks in this componentAbout the authorsAllison Trenfield-Newsome is an experienced business education teacher at the Montego Bay High School for Girls in Jamaica.Colleen Walker has been teaching for the past 20 years. Currently she is the Dean of Studies and Acting Vice-Principal at Excelsior High School. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development.Please note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

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1 Office orientation
Functions of the office
Functional areas and departments
Organization structure
Centralization and decentralization
Office layout
Virtual office ( e-workplace)
Equipment used in the office
Human relationships
Entry- level positions
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
2 Communication
The importance of communication
What is communication?
The communication process
Characteristics of good communication
Barriers to effective communication
Methods of communication
Factors affecting the selection of communication channels
Communication flow
Communication climate
Types of communication barrier
Decision- making business structures
Written communication
Oral communication
Internal communication links
Telecommunication media
Visual communication
Post Office
Electronic mail
Mail room
Classifications of mail service offered by the Post Office
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
3 Recruitment and orientation
Sources of job information
Seeking employment
Making applications
Types of letter
Developing a portfolio
The work environment
Labour laws
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
4 Records and information management
What is records management?
Importance of records management
Classifying records
Records lifecycle
The File Clerk
Filing procedures
Classifications of records management systems
File charge-out systems and follow-up procedures
Tickler system
Colours as indicators
Retention periods
Laws governing access to and retention of documents
Filing equipment and supplies
Centralized control and decentralized control
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
5 Reception and hospitality
The reception area
What makes a good reception area?
Attributes and qualities of a good receptionist
Duties of the receptionist
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
6 Meetings
Reasons for holding meetings
Types of meeting
Formal meetings
Informal meetings
Articles of association
Functions of main personnel at a meeting
Robert's Rules of Order
Seating arrangements
Requisites of a valid meeting
Meeting documents
Voting at a meeting
Follow-up procedures related to decisions
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
7 Travel arrangements
Making travel arrangements
The Travel Department
Travel agency
Air travel arrangements
Car rental arrangements
Hotel arrangements
Scheduling appointments
Travel folder
Time zones
24-hour time
12-hour time
Converting from 12-hour/am/pm time to 24-hour time
Travel schedules
Airline designators
Airport codes
Special regulations for air travel
Documents required for travel
Monetary instruments used in travel
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
8 Human resources management
The Human Resources Department
Functions of the Human Resources Department
Recruitment and selection of new employees
Appraisal and evaluation of employees
Staff welfare
Promotion, transfers, layoffs and dismissals
Deployment of staff
The Human Resources Clerk
Benefits of legislation related to staff welfare
Collective bargaining
Employees' rights
Expectations of employee and employer
Maintenance of records used in the Human Resources Department
Labour turnover
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
9 Accounts and financial services
Role and functions of the Accounts Office
Preparation of payroll
Collection of accounts
Credit control
Preparation of audit
The Accounts Clerk
Financial institutions
Services provided by banks
Types of bank account
Payments through financial institutions
Bank statement of account
Bank reconciliation statement
Petty cash
Hardware resources
Software resources
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
10 Procurement and inventory management
Procurement functions
What to purchase?
How much to purchase?
When to purchase?
Who to purchase from?
Liaising with other departments and offices
Terminology and abbreviations used in purchasing
The Purchasing Clerk
Steps in the procurement process
Purchase order form
Acknowledgement of order
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
11 Sales, marketing and customer services
Functions of the Sales and Marketing Offices
Sales Office functions
The Sales Clerk
The Marketing Office
Functions of the Marketing Office
The Marketing Office Clerk
The Customer Service Department
Equipment used in the Sales and Marketing Offices
Types of discount
Documents used in the Sales and Marketing Offices
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
12 Operations, Despatch and Transport Offices
Functions of the Operations Office
Protecting workers and the environment
Functions of the Factory Office
Technology in production
Methods of production
Duties of the Factory Office Clerk
Documents used in the Operations Office
Functions of the Despatch Office
Duties of the Despatch Office Clerk
Functions of the Transport Office
Duties of the Transport Office Clerk
Liaising with other departments
Documents used in the Despatch and Transport Offices
Answers to ITQs
Examination- style questions
13 Guidelines for preparing the School- Based Assessment
The project
Criterion 1 – Preparation
Criterion 2 – Gathering data
Criterion 3 – Presentation
Answers to multiple choice questions
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