This Thing That Is Not A Thing

This Thing That Is Not A Thing

By Paulette A. Ramsay
US$ 19.99
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Book Description

This Thing That Is Not a Thing says a lot with little. Economy of words in fine, colourful form, these poems by Paulette A. Ramsay prompt the reader to question human perception – ways of seeing the world and ways people view each other. Weaving the everyday with the extraordinary, heaviness of heart with humour, grief and gratitude, This Thing That Is Not a Thing centres absence – absence of voice, of persons, of trust and affection – showing how silence, in particular, shapes experience and expression.

Table of Contents
  • Title page
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • This Thing That Is Not a Thing
  • I Know I’m Not Supposed to Tell You
  • When Women Don’t Speak
  • I Do Not Want to Do It
  • Thornbird
  • If You Could
  • Putting Brakes on Me
  • You Disturbed My Dreams
  • Guilty Love
  • The Library
  • The Mother of an Addict Speaks
  • Human Rights
  • Jamaican Ugly Man Syndrome
  • Marcus Garvey in Cuba
  • If Nicolás Guillén Came to Cuba Today
  • You Are Not a Bright Socialist
  • Memories of My Girlhood
  • Your Plan
  • when ooman badminded
  • Tek Back Yuh Ole Bruk
  • Questions for a Departed Loved One
  • My Uncle Said Goodbye Today
  • Things Black and Beautiful
  • Self-liberation
  • Prayer for Our World
  • Daily Prayer
  • The Love of God
  • Requiem for a Victor
  • Acknowledgements
  • Other books by Paulette A. Ramsay
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