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AQA GCSE Chemistry for Combined Science: Trilogy
Sadie Garratt
AQA GCSE Chemistry for Combined Science: Trilogy
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Specifically tailored for the 2016 AQA GCSE Science (9-1) specifications, this third edition supports your students on their journey from Key Stage 3 and through to success in the new linear GCSE qualifications. This series helps students and teachers to monitor progress, while supporting the increased demand, maths, and new practical requirements.

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Title Page
Required Practicals
How to use this book
1 Atoms, bonding, and moles
C 1 Atomic structure
1.1 Atoms
C1.2 Chemical equations
C1.3 Separating mixtures
C1.4 Fractional distillation and paper chromatography
C1.5 History of the atom
C1.6 Structure of the atom
C1.7 Ions, atoms, and isotopes
C1.8 Electronic structures
C1 Atomic structure
2 The periodic table
C 2.1 Development of the periodic table
C2.2 Electronic structures and the periodic table
C2.3 Group 1 – the alkali metals
C2.4 Group 7 – the halogens
C2.5 Explaining trends
C2 The periodic table
3 Structure and bonding
C3.1 States of matter
C3.2 Atoms into ions
C3.3 Ionic bonding
C3.4 Giant ionic structures
C3.5 Covalent bonding
C3.6 Structure of simple molecules
C3.7 Giant covalent structures
C3.8 Fullerenes and graphene
C3.9 Bonding in metals
C3.10 Giant metallic structures
C3 Structure and bonding
4 Chemical calculations
C4.1 Relative masses and moles
C4.2 Equations and calculations
C4.3 From masses to balanced equations
C4.4 Expressing concentrations
C4 Chemical calculations
2 Chemical reactions and energy changes
5 Chemical changes
5.1 The reactivity series
C5.2 Displacement reactions
C5.3 Extracting metals
C5.4 Salts from metals
C5.5 Salts from insoluble bases
C5.6 Making more salts
C5.7 Neutralisation and the pH scale
C5.8 Strong and weak acids
C5 Chemical changes
6 Electrolysis
6.1 Introduction to electrolysis
C6.2 Changes at the electrodes
C6.3 The extraction of aluminium
C6.4 Electrolysis of aqueous solutions
C6 Electrolysis
7 Energy changes
7.1 Exothermic and endothermic reactions
C7.2 Using energy transfers from reactions
C7.3 Reaction profiles
C7.4 Bond energy calculations
C7 Energy changes
3 Rates, equilibrium, and organic chemistry
8 Rates and equilibrium
8.1 Rate of reaction
C8.2 Collision theory and surface area
C8.3 The effect of temperature
C8.4 The effect of concentration and pressure
C8.5 The effect of catalysts
C8.6 Reversible reactions
C8.7 Energy and reversible reactions
C8.8 Dynamic equilibrium
C8.9 Altering conditions
C8 Rates and equilibrium
9 Crude oil and fuels
9.1 Hydrocarbons
C9.2 Fractional distillation of oil
C9.3 Burning hydrocarbon fuels
C9.4 Cracking hydrocarbons
C9 Crude oil and fuels
4 Analysis and the Earth’s resources
10 Chemical analysis
10.1 Pure substances and mixtures
C10.2 Analysing chromatograms
C10.3 Testing for gases
C10 Chemical analysis
11 The Earth’s atmosphere
11.1 History of our atmosphere
C11.2 Our evolving atmosphere
C11.3 Greenhouse gases
C11.4 Global climate change
C11.5 Atmospheric pollutants
C11 The Earth’s atmosphere
12 The Earth’s resources
12.1 Finite and renewable resources
C12.2 Water safe to drink
C12.3 Treating waste water
C12.4 Extracting metals from ores
C12.5 Life Cycle Assessments
C12.6 Reduce, reuse, and recycle
C12 The Earth’s resources
Paper 1 questions
Paper 2 questions
Maths skills for Chemistry
MS1 Arithmetic and numerical computation
MS2 Handling Data
MS3 Algebra
MS4 Graphs
MS5 Geometry and Trigonometry
Working Scientifically
Appendix 1: the periodic table
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