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AQA Physics: A Level Year 1 and AS Revision Guide
Sadie Garratt, Jim Breithaupt
AQA Physics: A Level Year 1 and AS Revision Guide
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The AQA A Level Physics Revision Guide provides comprehensive, specification-matched content, packed with engaging revision and practice material to keep you focused.

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Front Cover
Title Page
AS/A Level course structure
How to use this book
Section 1 Particles and radiation 2
1 Matter and radiation 2
1.1 Inside the atom
1.2 Stable and unstable nuclei
1.3 Photons
1.4 Particles and antiparticles
1.5 Particle interactions
Chapter 1 Practice questions
2 Quarks and leptons
2.1 The particle zoo
2.2 Particle sorting
2.3 Leptons at work
2.4 Quarks and antiquarks
2.5 Conservation rules
Chapter 2 Practice questions
3 Quark phenomena
3.1 The photoelectric effect
3.2 More about photoelectricity
3.3 Collisions of electrons with atoms
3.4 Energy levels in atoms
3.5 Energy levels and spectra
3.6 Wave–particle duality
Chapter 3 Practice questions
Section 2 Waves and optics
4 Waves
4.1 Waves and vibrations
4.2 Measuring waves
4.3 Wave properties 1
4.4 Wave properties 2
4.5 Stationary and progressive waves
4.6 More about stationary waves on strings
4.7 Using an oscilloscope
Chapter 4 Practice questions
5 Optics
5.1 Refraction of light
5.2 More about refraction
5.3 Total internal reflection
5.4 Double slit interference
5.5 More about interference
5.6 Diffraction
5.7 The diffraction grating
Chapter 5 Practice questions
Section 3 Mechanics and materials
6 Forces in equilibrium
6.1 Vectors and scalars
6.2 Balanced forces
6.3 The principle of moments
6.4 More on moments
6.5 Stability
6.6 Equilibrium rules
6.7 Statics calculations
Chapter 6 Practice questions
7 On the move
7.1 Speed and velocity
7.2 Acceleration
7.3 Motion along a straight line at constant acceleration
7.4 Free fall
7.5 Motion graphs
7.6 More calculations on motion along a straight line
7.7 Projectile motion 1
7.8 Projectile motion 2
Chapter 7 Practice questions
8 Newton's law of motion
8.1 Force and acceleration
8.2 Using F = ma
8.3 Terminal speed
8.4 On the road
8.5 Vehicle safety
Chapter 8 Practice questions
9 Force and momentum
9.1 Momentum and impulse
9.2 Impact forces
9.3 Conservation of momentum
9.4 Elastic and inelastic collisions
9.5 Explosions
Chapter 9 Practice questions
10 Work, energy, and power
10.1 Work and energy
10.2 Kinetic energy and potential energy
10.3 Power
10.4 Energy and efficiency
Chapter 10 Practice questions
11 Materials
11.1 Density
11.2 Springs
11.3 Deformation of solids
11.4 More about stress and strain
Chapter 11 Practice questions
Section 4 Electricity
12 Electricity Current
12.1 Current and charge
12.2 Potential difference and power
12.3 Resistance
12.4 Components and their characteristics
Chapter 12 Practice questions
13 Direct current circuits
13.1 Circuit rules
13.2 More about resistance
13.3 Electromotive force and internal resistance
13.4 More circuit calculations
13.5 The potential divider
Chapter 13 Practice questions
Answers to practice questions
Answers to summary questions
For reference
Back Cover
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