By Don Taylor & Mike Henry
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Book Description

This is the true story of Don Taylor’s relationship with Bob Marley, shows how those who did not respect Bob’s dream have in his absence from the scene, allowed it to be exploited by the likes of Chris Blackwell…

And Rita Marley’s role in this exploitation and abuse is exposed.

In recording Taylor’s years as Marley’s manager, and his role in the handling of Bob’s affairs after his death, this book fully reveals all the behind-the-scenes manipulations which have led to the many open court conflicts, highlighting the illegal activities of those who still continue to distort Bob’s achievements.

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Jamaica — A Historic Capsule
  • Beginnings:
    • 1. Growing Up In Jamaica — Waterfront Version
    • 2. Bob’s Early Life — Concrete Jungle Version
    • 3. Making It In The Land Of Opportunity — USA Version
  • The Man:
    • 4. Marley & Me — First Encounters
    • 5. Our First Tour And My First Meeting With Chris Blackwell
    • 6. Managing Bob: Conning The Con Men.
    • 7. The Jamaican Scene
  • The Women:
    • 8. Bob and Rita
    • 9. Bob and Cindy
  • Politricks:
    • 10. The Free Concert And The Assassination Attempt
    • 11. The Aftermath
  • The World:
    • 12. The First Far East Tour
    • 13. The Break-Up
    • 14. From Separation to Death
  • Scavengers:
    • 15. Passing on the Estate — Rita And Me
    • 16. Hypocrites And Parasites
    • 17. Reflections
  • Select Discography
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