The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration

The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration

By Joanne M. Simpson
US$ 12.99
Book Description

The Ministry said, This book can be included as a reference book in school libraries. Class teachers can also use it as a resource text for the following areas of the school curricula: - National Builders in the Caribbean: SSC, Social Studies Social and Economic Conditions in the 20th Century: CXC, C-SEC History & Communications and Tourism: CXC, C-SEC Social Studies, Culture and Identity: CXC, CAPE Sociology, Nation Building: Grade 9 Social Studies.

This book was also recommended for use in tertiary institutions by students of History, Sociology, Gender Studies, Sports, Politics and the Visual and Performing Arts.

'The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration,' since its publication in 2001 has earned worldwide acclaim, with commendations coming from the United Nations, the University of West Indies, local and international authors and publishers, and media specialists.

"A beautiful book and a commendable representation of Jamaica's gender power." Late Professor Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor, University of the West Indies

“This must be regarded as Simpson's Magnum Opus---she has certainly begun to make her name as an independent publisher. “Dr. Alfred Sangster, Jamaican Educator

“The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration is a landmark in Caribbean publishing. The author Joanne Simpson should be credited for producing a valuable repository of information that will, hopefully, stimulate and inform other important research into the achievements of the great women of our region." Ingrid, Lady Darling, Nassau, Bahamas

"An excellent piece of work which shows how competent are Jamaican women and how diverse their range of occupations and activities. Bravo!" Late Angela King, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations

"The book is a remarkable record of Jamaican history. Joanne Simpson took on a labour of love to document these special Jamaican women, in tribute to the good women in her life, beginning with her own mother. That a woman should celebrate excellence in womanhood, is a testament to a spirit of wholesome giving, of humility and of respect for accomplishments of others." Barbara Blake, Jamaican Writer and Media Specialist

"The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration provides a pillar of support, not only for Jamaican Women, but also all other women. Simpson goes all out in her quest to highlight the indelible contributions of her sorority. And dare we say, Mission Accomplished!" Jeanne Toussaint, SHE Caribbean magazine

“This magnificent book opens our eyes to the achievements of women who struggled, often against tremendous odds to make a lasting contribution to the building of our sister nation, Jamaica. The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration is an elegant and exhaustively researched book and a fitting tribute to their efforts and a valuable addition to one's home library.” Joan Albury, President, The Counsellors Ltd., The Bahamas leading marketing agency.

“The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration is an excellent piece of work. I welcome the opportunity to congratulate publisher Creative Links and the author Joanne Simpson for opening our eyes to the achievements of these great women and, by the example of the book itself, to what the women of our region are capable of achieving through determination and a relentless will to succeed." Michael A.J. Symonette, publisher and author, Nassau, Bahamas

“The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration is a beautifully presented, timely anthology of notable Jamaican women, from formidable Nanny of the Maroons, to present-day women in the public eye. Each vignette is concise and well written, with just enough material to interest the reader without being tedious. It is an easy read, the photographs and artwork are eye-catching and the style is flowing and informative. The Jamaican Woman is indeed a celebration, not only of the talented women depicted but of the author Joanne Simpson, whose own talents are ably showcased.” Andrea Walcott, Jamaican writer, Miami

“Joanne Simpson has presented women and men everywhere a comprehensive look at Jamaican women in all their glory. Women in Jamaica have always played critical roles in the development of our country and recognize only too well how all aspects of our lives are linked. Joanne's book does make this link by combining the roles of various women into a composite of The Jamaican Woman: A Celebration.” Beverly Anderson-Manley, Political Analyst/Broadcaster, JA

"Joanne Simpson has put together a beautiful and absorbing book that is long overdue. She has done a superb job. It is well-written, informative, entertaining, and deserves a place on every bookshelf. My commendation to you Joanne." Horane Smith, Jamaican author, Canada

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Endorsements
  • Historical Overview
  • The Early Pioneers
  • Women in Politics
  • A Tribute to The Most Hon. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller
    • Futurists and Development Specialists
  • Ladies of State
  • Women in the Diplomatic Corps
  • Women in Community Service
  • A Tribute to Those Who Came But Never Left
  • United States Ambassadors to Jamaica
  • Women in the Visual and Performing Arts
    • Art
    • Architecture
  • Women in Entertainment
    • Music
    • Theatre
    • Dance
  • Women in the Literary Arts
  • Women in Communications
  • Women in Education
  • St. Hugh’s High School Centenary
  • Women in Business and Management
    • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Women in the Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Religion
  • Women in Science
  • Women in Culinary Arts
  • Women in Aviation
  • Women in Sports
  • Women in Style
    • Beauty Queens
    • Runway Models
    • Fashion Designers
    • Beauty Care
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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