Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited
Garvey's Ghost
Geoffrey Philp
Literature & Fiction
Garvey's Ghost
US$ 9.99
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When Kathryn Bailey's teenaged daughter disappears from their home in Miami, the single Jamaican woman pursues every possible angle to find her. Kathryn's search leads her to a meeting with Jasmine's college professor, Jacob Virgo, a devout Garveyite and Rastafarian. Although their initial encounter is unpleasant, they must join forces to find Jasmine before it is too late. Through the teachings of Marcus Garvey, they learn to break down subtle barriers and find an unexpected bridge to new understandings and love.

Chapter 1 - KATHRYN
Chapter 2 - CRISTINA
Chapter 3 - KATHRYN
Chapter 4 - JACOB
Chapter 5 - KATHRYN
Chapter 6 - JACOB
Chapter 7 - KATHRYN
Chapter 8 - KATHRYN
Chapter 9 - KATHRYN
Chapter 10 - JACOB
Chapter 11 - KATHRYN
Chapter 12 - JACOB
Chapter 13 - JASMINE
Chapter 14 - KATHRYN
Chapter 15 - TONY
Chapter 16 - KATHRYN
Chapter 17 - DAVENPORT
Chapter 18 - KATHRYN
Chapter 19 - JACOB
Chapter 20 - KATHRYN
Chapter 21 - KATHRYN
Chapter 22 - JACOB
Chapter 23 - CARLTON
Chapter 24 - KATHRYN
End Matter
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I want a book 📚 No to read in internet

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