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Warner Arundell
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Warner Arundell
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The Historical Corpus of "Trinidad Roots"
Trinidad's Literary Roots
The Social Context of Trinidad
A Biographical Note on E.L. Joseph
Warner Arundell and the British Literary Tradition
Warner Arundell and the Caribbean Literary Tradition
Linguistic Aspects of Warner Arundell
Quotation and Allusion in Warner Arundell
Law and Medicine in Warner Arundell
British Medicine in the Early Nineteenth Century (by Douglas Haynes)
Notes on Editorial Procedures
Map of the Caribbean
Warner Arundell, The Adventures of a Creole
Author's Dedication
Introduction: Previously to submitting the following narrative
Volume I
Chapter 1 I am descended from one of the most ancient English families
Chapter 2 My father's marriage took place in 1794
Chapter 3 The protracted and ruinous war of Grenada
Chapter 4 The sun was sinking
Chapter 5 I was christened by parson May
Chapter 6 My father gradually sunk into a state of lethargy
Chapter 7 A West Indian funeral
Chapter 8 I took leave of my uncle
Chapter 9 In the course of the afternoon I overheard a conversation
Chapter 10 The Hawk having been refitted
Chapter 11 The wind at length favoured us
Chapter 12 I again embarked on board the Hawk
Chapter 13 Antigua, although on the whole a beautiful and healthy island
Chapter 14 An event took place which called me from Antigua
Chapter 15 We landed at Port of Spain
Chapter 16 I lamented the death
Chapter 17 Captain Jones, of the schooner Baracouta
Chapter 18 During the times of vacation
Chapter 19 I had now spent seven happy years
Chapter 20 A South American launch
Chapter 21 A few days after this event
Chapter 22 My aunt appeared to be in a dying state
Chapter 23 When the mournful thoughts which always attend
Chapter 24 We remained eight days at St. Thomas's
Volume II
Chapter 25 The whole of the passengers of the Tickler
Chapter 26 Having taken up much time to relate what I thought
Chapter 27 In 1816 I studied hard
Chapter 28 It was evening before we fairly got into the British Channel
Chapter 29 At length we approached the tropic of Cancer
Chapter 30 Scarcely had we entered the harbour of St. Thomas's
Chapter 31 On going ashore, I found that my old friend
Chapter 32 About this time, i.e. in 1817, the demon of civil war
Chapter 33 The island of Margarita
Chapter 34 The next morning I took leave
Chapter 35 I was now fairly embarked in the cause
Chapter 36 Fortune now set in full tide
Chapter 37 All night our guide rode before us
Volume III
Chapter 38 I lodged in a pretty good tavern in St. George's
Chapter 39 Walking along the city one day
Chapter 40 It was afternoon when I went in a canoe
Chapter 41 There was one advantage in my present situation
Chapter 42 A few days after sending this letter
Chapter 43 Trinidad, although beyond comparison the most fertile
Chapter 44 I rode to Port of Spain on a borrowed animal
Chapter 45 Being more alarmed about my money
Chapter 46 On my arrival at my house
Chapter 47 There was no moon visible
Chapter 48 As day opened I arose
Chapter 49 The commandant hurried me
Chapter 50 Fortune now set in full tide in my favour
Chapter 51 I must now give an account of my legal campaign
Chapter 52 These transactions necessarily took up some months
Chapter 53 I landed early in the morning
Annotations to the Text
Appendix: "The Maroon Party; A West-Indian Sketch" (1835)
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