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Enduring Geohazards in the Caribbean: Moving From the Reactive to the Proactive
Serwan M. J. Baban
Enduring Geohazards in the Caribbean: Moving From the Reactive to the Proactive
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1. Enduring Landslides and Floods in the Caribbean Region
Section 1. Landslides
2. Modelling Landslides in Tropical Environments
3. Planning for Hillside Terrains
4. Developing a GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Map for Tropical Mountainous Environments
5. Using Contemporary Geo-imaging Technologies for Landslide Investigations in Tropical Environments
Section 2. Floods
6. Using GIS for Flood Management and Mitigation in Trinidad and Tobago
7. Using GIS for Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Sensitivity Maps for a Watershed in Trinidad and Tobago
8. A New Examination of Floods in the Region Debris Floods and Debris Flows in the Caribbean
9. Mapping Flood-prone Areas: A Geoinformatics Approach
Section 3. Geohazards Management
10. Developing a Proactive Approach to Geohazards Management in Trinidad and Tobago
11. Issues in Flood Risk Management
12. Recognizing and Managing Unstable Slopes in Trinidad and Tobago
13. Developing Early Warning Systems for Managing Geohazards in the Caribbean
14. Beyond Humanitarianism: Building Resilient Communities, Revisiting the Development Dialogue
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