Solid Waste Management: Critical Issues for Developing Countries

Solid Waste Management: Critical Issues for Developing Countries

By Elizabeth Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas-Hope
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Solid Waste Management and the Community
    • 1. Waste Management Problems in Developing Countries
    • 2. The Community as a Resource for Solid Waste Management
    • 3. Solid Waste: Its Implications for Health
    • 4. The Pollution Potential of Waste: A Comparison of Poor and Wealthy Communities in South Africa
    • 5. Heavy Metal Contamination of a Wetland Area in East Trinidad
    • 6. Solid Waste Management and Environmental Education in the School Curriculum
  • Part 2. Case Studies of Solid Waste Management from Africa and the Caribbean
    • 7. An Overview of Solid Waste Management in Barbados
    • 8. Solid Waste Management: Regulations and Related Policy Issues in Jamaica
    • 9. The Management of Solid Waste in Botswana
    • 10. Solid Waste Management and its Environmental Impact in Kenya
  • Part 3. Methods and Technologies in Solid Waste Management
    • 11. The Effect of the Method of Household Containment on Solid Waste Management
    • 12. Options for Solid Waste Management in the Agroprocessing Industry
    • 13. The Reception and Disposal of Ship-Borne Waste: Legal and Administrative Issues
    • 14. The Environmental Impact of Incineration on Island Nations
    • 15. Landfills: The New Generation
    • 16. A Screening Process for the Evaluation of Sanitary Landfill Sites in Jamaica
  • Part 4. Strategies and Evaluations of Solid Waste Management
    • 17. Landfill Siting and Design
    • 18. Riverton City Dump: Evaluation of a Jamaican Landfill Site
    • 19. Remedial Strategies for the Riverton City Landfill
    • 20. An Environmentally Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for the Caribbean in Light of Canada's Experience
    • 21. An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Solid Waste Management
  • Contributors
  • Index
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