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Caribbean Reasonings - Culture, Politics, Race and Diaspora: The Thought of Stuart Hall
Brian Meeks
Caribbean Reasonings - Culture, Politics, Race and Diaspora: The Thought of Stuart Hall
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Stuart Hall, in whose honour this volume is compiled, has made significant contributions to contemporary social and political discourse. Constantly praised for his scholarly prescience, he was at the helm of the forging and definition of the discipline of Cultural Studies and nurtured an entire cadre of young intellectuals who continue to make remarkable contributions in the fields of Cultural Studies and Social Criticism.

The essays that constitute this collection, all, in different ways, contend with Hall’s methodology, his philosophy, as well as many other dimensions of his rich and textured intellectual career. More importantly however, they serve to reconnect his work to the social context of his island of birth, Jamaica, and the wider Caribbean.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Return of a Native Son
Prologue: The Caribbean and Cultural Studies - More than Grimace and Colour
PART I: Metropolitan Engagements
‘Working from the Symptom’: Stuart Hall’s Political Writing
Disorderly Politics: Reading with the Grain
The Revolution Stripped Bare
Feminism, ‘Race’ and Stuart Hall’s Diasporic Imagination
PART II: Theory and Critique
‘The First Shall Be Last’: Locating The Popular Arts in the Stuart Hall Ouevre
Stuart Hall on Race and Racism: Cultural Studies and the Practice of Contextualism
Stuart Hall’s Changing Representations of ‘Race’
PART III: Caribbean Contingencies
Unspeakable Worlds and Muffled Voices: Thomas Thistlewood as Agent and Medium of Eighteenth-Century Jamaican Society
Civic Politics in Jamaica: New Populism or Political Breakthrough?
The Politics of Power and Violence: Rethinking the Political in the Caribbean
Canvasses of Representation: Stuart Hall, the Body and Dancehall Performance
Diaspora, Globalization and the Politics of Identity
Epilogue: Through the Prism of an Intellectual Life
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