Caribbean Reasonings - M.G. Smith: Social Theory and Anthropology in the Caribbean and Beyond

Caribbean Reasonings - M.G. Smith: Social Theory and Anthropology in the Caribbean and Beyond

By Brian Meeks
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Book Description

M.G. Smith: Social Theory and Anthropology in the Caribbean and Beyond invites readers to explore the life and work of Michael Garfield Smith, one of the most prolific Caribbean thinkers of the post-war era. M.G., as he was known, is credited with having made significant contributions in the fields of anthropology, social theory, sociology and politics.

This collection of essays, presented at the 2008 Caribbean Reasonings conference held in honour of M. G. Smith, is divided into three parts. In part one, ‘Critical Contestations,’ both sides of the creole society debate are argued while the argument is also made for and against Smith’s plural society theory. In part two, ‘Anthropological Excursions,’ Smith’s fieldwork observations and conclusions in both Africa and the Caribbean are also thoroughly examined, while part three, ‘Beyond M. G. Smith,’ demonstrates the impact that M. G. Smith has had on scholarship coming out of the Caribbean, as his work is used as a point of departure in rethinking aspects of
Caribbean social theory.

Includes contributions from:
Philip Burnham, Jean Besson, Mervyn Alleyne, Don Robotham, Colin Clarke, Mohammed Bashir Salau, Murray Last, Christine Barrow, Wyatt MacGaffey, Rivke Jaffe, Jack Menke, Peter Meel, Anton Allahar, Huon Wardle

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The Audacious M.G. Smith
  • PART 1: Critical Contestations
    • 1. Method and Concept in M.G. Smith’s Social Science
    • 2. M. G. Smith’s Plural Society Theory and the Challenge of Caribbean Creolization
    • 3. The ‘Creole’ Concept in Culture Studies
    • 4. Pluralism and Creolism, Africa and the Caribbean
    • 5. Differential Incorporation, Cultural Pluralism, and Colour-class in the Formation and Evolution of Caribbean Societies
  • PART 2: Anthropological Excursions
    • 6. M. G. Smith’s Thesis Revisited: The Character of Slavery in Fanisau Region of Sokoto Caliphate
    • 7. M. G. Smith’s ‘Histories’ of Four Nigerian Emirates and Their Reception
    • 8. Sexuality and Mating in Carriacou: Social Logic and Surplus Women
  • PART 3: Beyond M. G. Smith
    • 9. The Plural Society in Northern Ghana: Structural Evolution and Continuing Conflict
    • 10. Hegemonic Dissolution in Suriname? Recent Challenges to Pluralist Politics
    • 11. Ethnicity Between Nation-building and Nation-creation
    • 12. Diverging Directions: Race, Culture and Class in the Works of Anton De Kom and Caribbean Contemporaries
    • 13. Hidden from History: History, Memory and the Politics of Identity Erasure in the Caribbean
    • 14. The Double Life of M. G. Smith? Rethinking Caribbean Citizenship Beyond, Between and Within the National
  • Postscript: M. G. Smith – A Brief Personal Memoir
  • Bibliography
  • Contributors
  • Index
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