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Teaching Language and Literacy to Caribbean Students: From Vernacular to Standard English
Dennis R. Craig
Education & Teaching
Teaching Language and Literacy to Caribbean Students: From Vernacular to Standard English
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In many parts of the world there are situations where the majority of the people speak a vernacular which differs significantly in grammar and idiom from the official language with which it coexists but nevertheless share the majority of a common vocabulary. This is the case in the Caribbean where childhood speakers of English-based Creole languages have significant difficulty in acquiring Standard English and literacy in English. However, pedagogical approaches to the plight of such children have not achieved a generally accepted theoretical position and have lacked consistency over the years resulting in a high level of educational failure in the children.

This book uses the English-speaking Caribbean as a case study in its presentation of a rational theoretical framework for classroom procedures in language and literacy teaching. It provides suggestion for the kind of detailed syllabi that need to be implemented at the primary, immediate post-primary and the secondary levels of schooling but goes beyond that with end of chapter notes, questions and even suggestions for practical study and research activities.

Teaching Language and Literacy is ideally suited to be used as a textbook for intending as well as practising teachers of language and literacy, as well as language educations students generally at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Although the book focuses on the English-speaking Caribbean, it will have relevance in similar vernacular situations where English is an 'official' language, most notably in parts of North America and Britain where there are significant migrant populations form the Caribbean but also in African American communities of the USA where 'Black English' is the everyday norm of speech.

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Relevant Situational Characteristics
The Language and Literacy Education of Vernacular Speakers
Learners’ Needs and the Components of School Programmes
The Background of Language –Teaching Perspectives
Literacy in TESORV
Procedures For The Primary Level
Procedures for Post-Primary Situations Characterized by Inadequate Primary-Level Achievement
Procedures for the Secondary Level
Syllabus Resources
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