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English Matters Student’s Book 1
Julia Sander
English Matters Student’s Book 1
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English Matters is a comprehensive four-level series for Caribbean students, which provides thorough preparation for lower secondary and CSEC examinations. Student's Books 1-3 are supported by detailed Teacher's Books with audio CDs to develop listening and speaking skills. Workbooks provide additional practice of key points. "English Matters for CSEC Examinations" includes thorough preparation for examinations including regular practice tests, model examination papers and annotated sample essays.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Scope and Sequence
Preface for the Teacher
1. New School
2. Free Time
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Places
6. Community
Revision and Practice A
7. Advertising
8. Fiction
9. Technology
10. Media
11. Music
12. Poetry
Revision and Practice B
13. Narratives
14. Heroes and Heroines
15. Character
16. Wind and Water
17. Science
18. Drama
Revision and Practice C
Enrichment Section
Reference Section
Parts of Speech
Punctuation Guide
Sentence Structure
Composition Review
Grammar Guide
Glossary of Terms used in Language and Literature
Transcripts for Listening Exercises
Back Cover
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