English Matters for CSEC Examinations 2nd Edition

English Matters for CSEC Examinations 2nd Edition

By Julia Sander
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Book Description

English Matters is a comprehensive, four-level series
that helps progress students seamlessly from lower to
upper secondary.
This final book in the series fully corresponds to the
revised CSEC® English A syllabus and is the ideal
companion for students studying towards examinations
from May–June 2018.
Updated to take into account all amends to the syllabus
and feedback from practising teachers, it has been written
by a specialist in English language teaching and reviewed
by expert teachers from Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana,
Grenada and Jamaica.
Key features:
• Brand new chapter dedicated to completing the
School-Based Assessment (SBA)
• SBA tips, oral skills practice and reflection/student journal
activities build SBA skills throughout the course
• ICT activities help students integrate technology into their
learning of the English language
• Comprehensive reference section including a glossary and
grammar, punctuation and spelling guides
• Study tips, end of unit practice and dedicated chapter for
exam preparation
• Answers and audio available at www.macmillan-caribbean.com

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title page
  • Copyright
  • Table of Contents
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Preface for Students
  • Units
    • 1. Families
    • 2. Life Skills
    • 3. Sports
    • 4. Role Models
    • 5. Relationships
    • 6. Tricksters
    • 7. Folk Traditions
    • 8. Communication
    • 9. Health
    • 10. Discipline
    • 11. Nature
    • 12. Dreams
    • 13. Gangs
    • 14. Discrimination
    • 15. Advertising
    • 16. Media
    • 17. Space Exploration
    • 18. Environment
    • 19. The World of Work
    • 20. Review
  • School Based Assessment (SBA)
  • Reference Section
    • Writing letters
    • Acknowledging your sources of information
    • Punctuation guide
    • Sentence structure
    • Grammar guide
    • Spelling guide
    • Glossary of terms used in language and literature
  • Listening transcripts
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index
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