China's iGeneration
Matthew D. Johnson
China's iGeneration

Collection of essays on twenty-first century Chinese cinema and moving image culture. This innovative collection of essays on twenty-first century Chinese cinema and moving image culture features contributions from an international community of scholars, critics, and practitioners. Taken together, their perspectives make a compelling case that the past decade has witnessed a radical transformation of conventional notions of cinema. Following China's accession to the WTO in 2001, personal and collective experiences of changing social conditions have added new dimensions to the increasingly diverse Sinophone media landscape, and provided a novel complement to the existing edifice of blockbusters, documentaries, and auteur culture. The numerous 'iGeneration' productions and practices examined in this volume include 3D and IMAX films, experimental documentaries, animation, visual aides-mémoires, and works of pirated pastiche. Together, they bear witness to the emergence of a new Chinese cinema characterized by digital and, trans-media representational strategies, the blurring of private/public distinctions, and dynamic reinterpretations of the very notion of 'cinema' itself. This title was made Open Access by libraries from around the world through Knowledge Unlatched.

Half title
Foreword: China’s iGeneration: From Film Studies to Screen Studies Chris Berry
Notes on Transliteration
List of Figures and Tables
Introduction: China’s iGeneration Cinema Keith B. Wagner, Tianqi Yu with Luke Vulpiani
Part One Technologies
1 Toward a Communicative Practice: Female First-Person Documentary in Twenty-first Century China Tianqi Yu
2 Quasi-Documentary, Cellflix and Web Spoofs: Chinese Movies’ Other Visual Pleasures Paola Voci
3 Individuality, State Discourse and Visual Representation: The Imagination and Practices of the iGeneration in Chinese Animation Weihua Wu
4 Cinema of Exhibition: Film in Chinese Contemporary Art Dong Bingfeng
Part Two Aesthetics
5 Goodbye to the Grim Real, Hello to What Comes Next: The Moment of Passage from the Sixth Generation to the iGeneration Luke Vulpiani
6 Digitizing City Symphony, Stabilizing the Shadow of Time: Montage and Temporal–Spatial Construction in San Yuan Li Ling Zhang
7 From Pirate to Kino-eye: A Genealogical Tale of Film Re-Distribution in China Dan Gao
8 Xue Jianqiang as Reckless Documentarian: Underdevelopment and Juvenile Crime in post-WTO China Keith B. Wagner
Part Three Social Engagement
9 Of Animals and Men: Towards a Theory of Docu-ani-mentary Yiman Wang
10 Working with Rubble: Montage, Tweets and the Reconstruction of an Activist Documentary Ying Qian
11 Provincializing the Chinese Mediascape: Cantonese Digital Activism in Southern China Jia Tan
Part Four Platforms and Politics
12 Interpreting ScreenSpaces at the Shanghai Expo and Beyond Jeesoon Hong with Matthew D. Johnson
13 Regarding the Grassroots Chinese Inde pendent Film Festivals: Modes of Multiplicity and Abnormal Film Networking Ma Ran
14 Bringing the Transnational Back into Documentary Cinema: Wu Wenguang’s China Village Documentary Project, Participatory Video and the NGO Aesthetic Matthew D. Johnson
15 The Cinematic Deng Xiaoping: Scripting a Leader or a ‘Traitor’? Xiaomei Chen
Part Five Online Audiences
16 Zhang Yimou’s Sexual Storytelling and the iGeneration: Contending Shanzhashu Zhi Lian (Under the Hawthorn Tree) on Douban Ralph Parfect
17 From the Glaring Sun to Flying Bullets: Aesthetics and Memory in the ‘Post-’ Era Chinese Cinema Xiao Liu
Notes on Contributors
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