Why PowerShell?

Why PowerShell?

By PowerShell.org
Book Description

An incredibly concise look at why Windows PowerShell is important, from both a technical and business perspective.

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Table of Contents
  • Why PowerShell?
  • A Brief Overview
  • Why Scripting? Why a Shell?
  • Why PowerShell?
    • PowerShell is both a command-line shell and scripting language
    • PowerShell can interact with a dizzying number of technologies.
    • PowerShell is object-based.
    • PowerShell isn’t going away.
    • Consolidate and multiply your learning
    • In Windows, PowerShell’s really the only option
  • The Business Story
  • Where can you learn more?
  • Why PowerShell Remoting? (While We’re Answering “Whys”)
    • What is PowerShell Remoting?
    • Comparing Remoting to what came before
    • But here’s the best reason
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