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B. Floyd
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First Lessons in Map Reading for the Caribbean
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First lesson in Map Reading for the Caribbean aims to satisfy the need for a good map reading. The language is simple and concise, and different geographical terminology has been avoided. In order that students may have a better understanding of the points discussed.

For pupils in the primary schools, First Lessons in Map Reading for the Caribbean will prove for invaluable in helping to lay a firm foundation for geographical studies in later years. Lower secondary students may also find the book useful in revising the fundamentals of map reading

Title Page
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1. About Maps
2. Basis of Map Reading (Introduction to Map Symbols)
3. Scales and Measuring of Distances
4. Directions
5. Showing Heights on Maps
6. Cross Sections
7. Recognition of Simple Landforms and Contour Maps
8. Hills
9. Valleys and Spurs
10. How to Draw Your Own Maps
Revision Exercises
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