Internet of Things in Five Days
Antonio Liñán Colina
Computers & Technology
Internet of Things in Five Days

This booklet is a quick but thoughtful guide to jump into the Internet of Things, covering important subjects as IPv6 networking, sensors, wireless protocols and technologies, as well as IoT cloud platforms and its most commonly used protocols, featuring lots of hands-on examples to start working from day one.

The lessons and examples are heavily focused on Contiki OS, a well known IoT operating system well suited for low power embedded devices, and the Zolertia Z1 mote, a widely used hardware platform to develop a wide range of IoT applications. The Raspberry Pi is used as well.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to IoT.

  • Introduction to IPv6.

  • Introduction to 6LoWPAN.

  • Contiki OS, installation, structure and libraries.

  • Analogue and digital sensors.

  • Wireless and RF basics.

  • UDP and TCP over multi-hop mesh networks.

  • MQTT, CoAP and RESTFull protocols.

  • End-to-end IPv6 applications: connecting to IoT cloud platforms

About the Release
About the Book
The Internet of Things (IoT)
1. Introduction to IPv6
A little bit of History
IPv6 Concepts
IPv6 packet
IPv6 addressing
IPv6 network prefix
What is IPv6 used for?
Network Example
Short intro to Wireshark
IPv6 Exercises
Addressing Exercises
Connecting our IPv6 Network to the Internet
2. Introduction to 6LoWPAN
Overview of LoWPANs
About the use of IP on LoWPANs
IPv6 Interface Identifier (IID)
Header Compression
NDP optimization
3. Introduction to Contiki
Install Contiki
Fresh Contiki Installation
Install the toolchain and required libraries
Ubuntu (Linux) installation
OSX (MAC) installation (RE-Mote only)
Windows installation (RE-Mote only)
Get Contiki on your machine
Using a virtualized environment
Instant Contiki Virtual Machine
Official "IoT in five days" Virtual Machine
Test Contiki installation
Contiki structure
Run Contiki on real hardware
Zolertia Zoul module and the RE-Mote development platform
Zolertia Z1 mote
What are the differences between the RE-Mote and the Z1 platforms?
Start with Contiki!
Hello world explained
Makefile explained
Test the LEDs and Button
Processes in Contiki
Analogue Sensors
Digital Sensors
On-board sensors and ADC
General input/output pins (GPIO)
4. Wireless with Contiki
Addressing and Radio Frequency basics
Device addressing
RE-Mote addresses
Z1 mote addresses
Set the bandwidth and channel
Working at 2.4 GHz
Working at 863-950 MHz
Set the transmission power
Changing the transmission power for the Z1 (CC2420) and the RE-Mote (CC2538)
Changing the transmission power for the RE-Mote (CC1200)
Checking the wireless link
Configure the MAC layer
MAC driver
RDC driver
Framer driver
IPv6 and Routing
Set up a wireless sniffer
UDP on IPv6 and the Border Router
UDP Link-Local multicast example
The Border Router
Hands on: connecting an IPv6 UDP network to our host
Running the UDP server MQTT forwarder
Running the UDP server IFTTT forwarder
TCP on IPv6
Hands on: TCP example
5. CoAP, MQTT and HTTP
CoAP example
Hands on: CoAP server and Copper
MQTT example
Hands on: MQTT example
Hands on: connecting to a real world IoT platform (HTTP-based)
Ubidots IPv6 example in native Contiki
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