African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and the Shame

African Voices of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Beyond the Silence and the Shame

By Anne C. Bailey
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Book Description

For centuries, the stories of the Transatlantic Trade in Africans has been filtered through the eyes and records of Europeans. In this seminal work, historian Anne C. Bailey focuses on memories of the trade from the African perspective. African chiefs and other elders from the area of the former old slave coast of southeastern Ghana, share stories that reveal that Africans were traders as well as victims of the trade.

Bailey argues that like victims of trauma, many African societies now experience a fragmented view of their past that partially explains the blanket of silence and shame around the slave trade. Capturing scores of oral histories handed down through generations of storytellers, Bailey finds that although Africans were not equal partners with Europeans, even their partial involvement in the slave trade had devastating consequences on their history and identity.

Bailey breaks the deafening silence and explores the delicate and fragmented nature of historical memory in this unprecedented and revelatory book which is bound to spark discussion and debate.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter One - From the Middle Passage to Middle Quarters, Jamaica
  • Chapter Two - The Incident at Atorkor
  • Chapter Three - African Agency in the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Chapter 4 - African ResistanceThe Slave Who Whipt her mistress and Ganed Her
  • Chapter 5 - European and American Agency in the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Chapter Six - The Social and Political Impact of the Atlantic SlaveTrade on the Old Slave Coast
  • Chapter Seven - Subversion of the Sacred
  • Chapter Eight - Reparations as Rememory and Redress
  • I N D E X
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