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In the Shadow of the Plantation: Caribbean History and Legacy
Alvin O. Thompson
In the Shadow of the Plantation: Caribbean History and Legacy
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In the Shadow of the Plantation, so titled to emphasise the historical and contemporary impact of the plantation on all aspects of Caribbean life, reflects on the Caribbean experience from slavery through to the post-independence period. Divided into 4 broad thematic areas – Historiography; Production, Culture and Resistance in the Slavery Era; Forging a New Society; and Political and Socio-cultural Issues – the articles demonstrate the impact of colonialism and the plantation system on Caribbean Life and highlight the efforts that Caribbean peoples have made to uplift themselves from the trammels of colonialism.

Dedicated to, and written in celebration of Professor Woodville K. Marshall, contributors include: Bridget Brereton, Verene A. Shepherd, B.W. Higman, Winston McGowan, Heather Cateau, Jerome S. Handler, Alvin O. Thompson, Karl Watson, Noel Titus, Hilary McD. Beckles, Pedro L.V. Welch, Carl Campbell, James Rose, Swithin Wilmot, Henderson Carter, Brian L. Moore, Michele A. Johnson, Aviston Downes, Kusha Haraksingh, Rita Pemberton, Brinsley Samaroo and Kelvin Singh.

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Section I: Historiography
Chapter 1: Woodville Marshall and Caribbean History
Chapter 2: 'Petticoat Rebellion?': The Black Woman's Body and Voice in the Struggles for Freedom in Colonial Jamaica
Chapter 3: The Making of a Sugar Revolution
Section II: Production, Culture and Resistance in the Slavery Era
Chapter 4: The origins of Slave Rebellions in the Middle Passage
Chapter 5: The New 'Negro' Business: Hiring in the British West Indies 1750-1810
Chapter 6: Plantation Slave Settlements in Barbados 1650s to 1834
Chapter 7: Enslaved Children in Berbice, with Special reference to the Government Slaves, 1803-31
Chapter 8: Capital Sentences Against Slaves in barbados in the Eighteenth Century: An Analysis
Chapter 9: Reassessing John Smith's Influence on the Demerara Slave Revolt of 1823
Chapter 10: Crop Over Fetes and Festivals in the Caribbean
Section III: Forging a New Society
Chapter 11: post-Emancipation Adjustments in the Urban Context: Views from Bridgetown, Barbados
Chapter 12: British Aid and West Indian Education 1835-45
Chapter 13: 'Behold The Tax Man Cometh': Taxation as a Tool of Oppression in Early Post-Emancipation British Guiana, 1838-48
Chapter 14: 'A Stake in the Soil': Land and Creole Politics in Free Jamaica - the 1849 Elections
Chapter 15: The Bridgetown Riot of 1872
Section IV: Political and Socio-cultural Issues
Chapter 16: Challenging the 'Civilising Mission': Cricket as a Field of Socio-cultural Contestation in Jamaica 1865-1920
Chapter 17: The Contestation for Recreational Space in Barbados, 1880-1910
Chapter 18: Another Grounding: Peasants and Citizenship in Trinidad and Guyana
Chapter 19: The Roots of Survival: Agriculture in Trinidad and Tobago during World War II
Chapter 20: preparing for Politics: The Pre-PNM Years of Eric Williams
Chapter 21: Race, Class and Ideology in Post-Colonial trinidad, 1956-91
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