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Beyond the Blood, the Beach and the Banana: New Perspectives in Caribbean Studies
Sandra Courtman
Beyond the Blood, the Beach and the Banana: New Perspectives in Caribbean Studies
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Beyond the Blood, the Beach and the Banana emphasises the significance of the Caribbean in an increasingly globalised social world and draws attention to the contribution that scholarship in Caribbean Studies makes in coming to terms with a multi-cultural heritage. The compilation deliberately ranges in focus across periods, geographies, linguistic divisions and subject matter to present the fruition of significant research projects by 25 researchers from the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Contributors on the Hispanic, Dutch, African, Indian and Anglophone Caribbean juxtaposed with work on the Caribbean diasporas of the USA, UK, Canada and the Netherlands enrich the text with multiple perspectives.

Table of Contents
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Section 1 - Methodological Considerations
Deadening, Voyeuristic and Reiterative?Problems of Representation in Caribbean Research
Flying Away and Grounds for Concern: Mobility, Location and Ethical Discomfort in Researching Caribbean History from the UK
The Importance of Reflexivity in Caribbean Research: Thinking through ‘Race’, Self and Politics
Textualising Slavery: From ‘Slave’ to ‘Enslaved People’in Caribbean Historiography
Section 2 - History, Migration
The Other Sideof Slave Revolts
More than Producers and Reproducers: Jamaican Slave Women’s Dance and Song
Caribbean Migration and Adjustment to Canada: Pursuing the Mobility Dream 1900-1998
‘Blacks in Ivory Towers Can’t Write about Ghettos’1:West Indian Worker Writers in 1970s Britain.
Inbetweenity: Marginalisation, Migration and Poverty among Haitians in the Turks and Caicos Islands
Section 3 - Tourism
Postmodernity or Profitability? Changing Modes of Tourism in Jamaica.
Natural Hedonism:The Invention of Caribbean Islands as Tropical Playgrounds
Sleeping with the Enemy: Jineterismo, ‘Cultural Level’ and ‘Antisocial Behaviour’ in 1990s Cuba
All Sights Reserved: All-Inclusive Resorts and the ImaginedCaribbean
Section 4 - Governance & Politics
Cracks in the Kingdom of the Netherlands: An Inside Story
The Transatlantic Banana War and the Marginalisation of Caribbean Trading Interests
The Impact of Globalisation on the CaribbeanSugar and Banana Industries
Section 5 - Visual &Material Culture
Dis-Ordering the World in the Eighteenth Century. The Voyage of the Sable Venus: Connoisseurship and the Trivialising of Slavery
The Impact of Indian Film in Trinidad
A Good Kicker: Analysing Script and Screen with Adolescent Boys in Jamaica
A Philosophy of Survival: Anancyism in Jamaican Pantomime
Section 6 - Literature of The Caribbean & its Diaspora
The Corporeal and the Sensual in Two Novels by Shani Mootoo and Julia Alvarez
Representations of Deference and Defiance in the Novels of Caryl Phillips.
Re-inventing Jamaican History: Roger Mais and George William Gordon
Forging Subjectivity in the Jamaican-British Borderlands: Emotion and Identity in Joan Riley’s The Unbelonging
‘A Strange Synchronicity’: The Language of Landscapes in Lawrence Scott’s Aelred’s Sin
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