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Contradictory Existence: Neoliberalism and Democracy in the Caribbean
Dave Ramsaran
Politics & Social Sciences
Contradictory Existence: Neoliberalism and Democracy in the Caribbean
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Influenced by global capital and external forces, the small developing countries of the Caribbean share historical legacies of foreign domination and transplanted institutions. In Contradictory Existence, the relationship between capitalism, manifested in the contemporary dispensation as neoliberalism, and democracy is explored and the authors demonstrate how history, culture, geopolitics and the demands of international capital influence the tension between development and democracy.Cutting across the fields of sociology, anthropology, politics and international relations, the contributors to this volume challenge some of the assumptions of how democracy works in the context of capitalist development practised by most Caribbean countries since the 1990s; and how race, gender and class influence the exercise of democracy. At a more fundamental level, Contradictory Existence questions whether neoliberalism is the model best suited for the postcolonial nation building enterprise only 50 years young.

Introduction: Neoliberalism and Democracy in the Caribbean
Dave Ramsaran
Chapter One: How Distorted Democracy Conditions Distorted Development: The English-Speaking Caribbean
Anton Allahar
Chapter Two: Democracy without Social Content and Capital Accumulation versus Development: Barbados in Crisis
Hilbourne A. Watson
Chapter Three: Property, Democracy and the Space of the Political in the Caribbean
Linden Lewis
Chapter Four: What Development Feels Like: Politics, Prophecy and the International Peacemakers in Jamaica*
Deborah A. Thomas
Chapter Five: Challenging Development From Below: Protest and Democracy in Trinidad and Tobago
Dave Ramsaran
Chapter Six: Democracy without Voice: An Examination of Land Sales and Development in The Bahamas
Ian Bethell Bennett
Chapter Seven: When New Forms of Development Come from Traditional Knowledge: Guadeloupe Facing Capitalism and Globalization
Pr. Stephanie Mulot
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