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Daughters of the Diaspora: Afra-Hispanic Writers
Miriam Decosta Willis
Literature & Fiction
Daughters of the Diaspora: Afra-Hispanic Writers
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Daughters of the Diaspora features the creative writing of 20 Hispanophone women of African descent, as well as the interpretive essays of 15 literary critics. The collection is unique in its combination of genres, including poetry, short stories, essays, excerpts from novels and personal narratives, many of which are being translated into English for the first time. They address issues of ethnicity, sexuality, social class and self-representation and in so doing shape a revolutionary discourse that questions and subverts historical assumptions and literary conventions.

Miriam DeCosta-Willis’ comprehensive Introduction, biographical sketches of the authors and their chronological arrangement within the text, provide an accessible history of the evolution of an Afra-Hispanic literary tradition in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America.

The book will be useful as textbook in courses in Africana Studies, Women’s Studies, Caribbean, Latina and Latin American Studies as well as courses in literature and the humanities.

Introduction - ‘This Voyage Toward Words’: Mapping the Routes of the Writers
Virginia Brindis De Salas
Pregón Number One
The Conga
The Unmasking of Virginia Brindis de Salas: Minority Discourse of Afro-Uruguay
Carmen Colon Pellot
Oh Lord, I Want to be White!
Roots of Mulata Envy
The Land is a Mulatto Woman
‘Oh Lord I Want to be White’: The Ambivalence of Mulatez in Carmen Colón Pellot’s Ambar mulato
Julia De Burgos
Cry of the Kinky Haired Girl
Río Grande de Loíza
To Julia de Burgos
Letters to Her Sister Consuelo
I Am The Life, The Strength, The Woman: Feminism in Julia de Burgos’ Autobiographical Poetry
Aída Cartagena Portalatín
Black Autumn
A Woman is Alone
Wasted Effort
Aída Cartagena Portalatín: A Literary Life.Moca, Dominican Republic, 1918–94
Marta Rojas
The Sweet Enigma of a Writer’s Life: A Personal Narrative
from Holy Lust or White Papers
Marta Rojas’ Santa Lujuria and the Transformation of Cuban History Into Mythic Fiction
Eulalia Bernard
Now That I Am Yours Limón
What Fi Do?*
Our Weapon Is Strong Language’ A Conversation With Eulalia Bernard
Eulalia Bernard: A Caribbean Woman Writer and the Dynamics of Liberation
Georgina Herrera
Street of the Women of the World
First Time in Front of a Mirror
Ibu Sedi
‘The Lion’s Version of the Jungle’ A Conversation with Georgina Herrera
Toward a Definition of the Self in the Poetry of Georgina Herrera
Lourdes Casal
For Ana Veldford
Profile of My City
I Live in Cuba
The Founders: Alfonso
Identity and the Politics of (Dis)Location in Lourdes Casal’s Narratives of Place
Argentina Chiriboga
from The Backcover of Desire: Untitled: ‘Changó and Yemayá go by’
Untitled: ‘Let my braid loose’
Untitled: ‘On these avenues’
from Drums Under My Skin
The Poetics and Politics of Desire: Eroticism in Luz Argentina Chiriboga’s Bajo la piel de los tambores
Nancy Morejón
Ana Mendieta
Lady of the Unicorn
from Myth and Reality in Cecilia Valdés’
An Aesthetic of Women’s Art in Nancy Morejón’s ‘Ana Mendieta’
Excilia Saldaña
from My Name (A Family Anti-Elegy)
The Zeal for Self-Denomination in the Poetic Works of Excilia Saldaña
Beatriz Santos
Black Griot
Chulin’s Fantasy
Tía Coca
María Nsue Angüe
from Ekomo
Writing from the Soul: A Conversation with María Nsue Angüe
Narrative of a Woman’s Life and Writing: María Nsue Angüe’s Ekomo
Sherezada 'Chiqui' Vicioso
An Oral History
Julia de Burgos. Our Julia
A Strange Wailing of the Wind
The Journey Inward: Sherezada Vicioso’s‘Un extraño ulular de voces traía el viento’
Soleida Ríos
I Also Sing of Myself
Autumn Rains
The Horn Calls Out to Us Loudly
Final Rites
Soleida’s Reappearance
Edelma Zapata Pérez’
The Final Drop
Ancestral Fears
The Consciousness -Raising of an Afro-Indo-Mulatto Woman Writer in Colombia’s Multiethnic Society
Yvonne-América Truque
Warrior Woman
. . . Being a Woman and Writing
On that Underbrush that has Entrapped Us
Someone is Sleeping
From ‘Retratos de Sombras’ (Portraits of Shadows) Untitled
From ‘Perfiles inconclusos’ (Unfinished Profiles): VI
From ‘Perfiles inconclusos’ (Unfinished Profiles) VII
Yvonne-América Truque: A New FemaleVoice From Colombia
Cristina Cabral
25 August 1988
From My Trench
Five Hundred Years After
Memory and Resistance
Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries: Cristina Cabral’s Memoria y resistencia
Shirley Campbell
Closing the Circle that Began in Africa
‘Patches of Dreams’: The Birth of Shirley Campbell’s Oeuvre
Shirley Campbell’s Rotundamente negra: Content and Technique
Mayra Santos-Febres
The Institute of Culture Says
Marina’s Fragrance
‘The Page on Which Life Writes Itself’: A Conversation with Mayra Santos Febres
Reclaiming the Female Body, Culture, and Identity in Mayra Santos-Febres’s ‘BrokenStrand’
Selected Bibliography
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