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Dragon in the Caribbean: China's Global Re-Dimensioning : Challenges and Opportunities for the Caribbean
Richard L. Bernal
Business & Money
Dragon in the Caribbean: China's Global Re-Dimensioning : Challenges and Opportunities for the Caribbean
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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, China’s economic relationship with the countries of the Caribbean has grown significantly. While most of the burgeoning literature on China’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean focus primarily on Latin America, Dragon in the Caribbean is arguably the first book to examine China’s relationship with the Caribbean.
An overview is given of China’s changing position and rise in power in the global landscape as well as its growing economic and political presence in the Caribbean. The nature, extent and character of this development is then examined and analysed by reviewing development assistance, trade and foreign investment in the Caribbean. Bernal then outlines some of the considerations and motivations of China and the countries of the Caribbean for deepening their relationship and discusses the challenges and opportunities for the Caribbean that this relationship presents in the immediate future.
The material is enhanced by an extensive table detailing year-by-year and country-by-country visits, agreements and projects grounding the economic, trade and technological cooperation between CARICOM countries and China.
Heavily referenced from books, international and regional newspaper and journal articles as well as online resources, Dragon in the Caribbean adds significantly to the understanding and appreciation of the policymaking powers at play in the relationship between the Caribbean and China.

List of Figures and Tables
Foreword by Sir Alister McIntyre
China’s Global Re-Dimensioning
Table 1.1: Asia’s Lead: Dates of Innovation in Asia and the West
Table 1.2: Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities 2015 ($ Billions)
China’s Expanded Relations with the Caribbean
Table 2.1: Caribbean Countries
Table 2.2: Embassies of China and US and Overseas Offices of Taiwan in the Caribbean and Central America
Table 2.3: Imports from China 2003–14 ($ millions)
Table 2.4: Exports to China 2002–14 ($ millions)
Table 2.5: Caribbean Exports According to Main Destination, Percent of Total Exports 2000–2009
Table 2.6: Caribbean-China Trade Deficits (2003–12)
Figure 2.1: Caribbean Imports from China and Exports to China
Table 2.7: Net Trade Effect of China
Table 2.8: China’s Development Assistance To Caribbean Countries (US$)
Table 2.9: Chinese FDI Stock in the Caribbean by Country 2005–13 (US$ millions)
Table 3.1: Caribbean Countries Recognizing China
Table 1 – Asia’s Lead: Dates of Innovation in Asia and the West
Table 2 – Holdings of US Treasury Securities by Asian Countries, Nov. 17, 2009
Economic, Trade and Technological Cooperation between CARICOM and China
Factors Explaining the Expanded China–Caribbean Relationship
Opportunities and Challenges
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