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Six Great Jamaicans
W. Adolphe Roberts
Biographies & Memoirs
Six Great Jamaicans
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Originally published in 1952, Six Great Jamaicans contains biographical sketches of influential Jamaicans who laid the foundation for modern Jamaica: Bishop Enos Nuttall, George William Gordon, Robert Love, Thomas Henry MacDermot, Edward Jordon, and Herbert George de Lisser.

The influence of these men continues to be felt in the areas of politics, religion, literature, journalism, and nationhood but sadly, their names and works have been hidden in obscure publications buried in research library collections.

This new edition, published by the National Library of Jamaica, contains a new introduction by Professor Matthew Smith which underscores the relevance of the enduring legacies of these six figures to present-day Jamaica and sets the foundation for an appreciation of the contributions of Jamaicans from all walks of life in the continuing struggle for national self-definition from the early days of Emancipation and the movement for self government, to the present day.

Edward Jordon
George William Gordon
Enos Nuttal
Robert Love
Thomas Henry MacDermot
Herbert George de Lisser
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