Hot Nights in the Hills
A. Mitchell
Hot Nights in the Hills
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Hot Nights in the Hills.
by A. Mitchell

Schoolboy, Alty was dishing it out to some big
ladies and they and they loving it. Many persons in the village were condemning Miss Georgette for building her hotel there. Alty practically lived there. Miss Georgette only rented out her rooms to students over the age of consent. They were not the only ones seeking to rent a room in the twenty room hotel. Miss Georgette knew that the students were saving money to get to rent one of the rooms. The principal of the nearby high school wanted her to give him a list of the students using her facilities. She refused and he threatened to call the police, but she wasn’t deterred by his threats.
Alty wasn’t the only guy seeking favors from the ladies. There was Hopeton and there was Biggs and Robbie. And of course there were some very sexy ladies like Miss Georgette, Miss Greta, Miss Donnette, Hazel and Mona. Read about the slacker, Biggs, who was sexing his mother in law, Miss Greta. Read how twenty year old Alty got two women pregnant before he left high school. Read about Alty’s escapades with Miss Grea, Miss Georgette and Miss Donnette. Find out out why Miss Donnette and Miss Greta ran Alty and Biggs. Find out why so many women were leaving Biggs. Find out why Alty’s baby mother and Miss Gibson were giving him such a hard time after he left high school. Read their story in Hot Nights in the Hills.

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