56 Bible Study lessons For the Kingdom Focused Christians

56 Bible Study lessons For the Kingdom Focused Christians

By Dr. Francis Adedeji
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Book Description

This Bible study guide is for every leader or teacher of the word at home or in the church, House Fellowship, Private Study Group, or Cell group. A good Bible study guide or plan is needed to enhance the growth of the believer in this age of the church. This Bible study is for those who are focused on entering the Kingdom of God and not just those who are religious Christians. This is food for the adult believer who is making a conscious effort to make heaven.
This Bible study is designed to engage the listeners in the lessons through discussions, conversations, suggestions, real-life interactions, questions based on the relativeness of the topic to their daily lives. This will help the students to digest the Truth in the Word of God. 
The topics of the lessons allow them to unearth what is said concerning a particular thing in the Scriptures in regards to the Kingdom of God while making it relevant to their daily lives and common activities. The students can draw conclusions and answers to questions while applying what they've learned to their life in the church, outside the church, and what God is doing now in the age of the Body of Christ. The lessons will become real to them and this will help the topic be embedded in their memory. 

Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Dedication
  • Introduction - How To Effectively Use This Bible Study Guide
  • Lesson 1 - The Church Is Built On Love
  • Lesson 2 - The Love for Money - Serving God and Riches
  • Lesson 3 - Observing The Fulfillment Of Prophecy
  • Lesson 4 - Walking In Our Own Understanding
  • Lesson 5 - Having Different Opinions – Avoid Divisive Individuals
  • Lesson 6 - God’s Anointing Does Not Come With Titles
  • Lesson 7 - Seeking Titles In The Church – God’s Opinion
  • Lesson 8- How Do I Know I Am In The Right Church?
  • Lesson 9 - Teaching Faith And The Plan Of Salvation in Church
  • Lesson 10 - Learn to Depend On God and Seek Him first in Anything.
  • Lesson 11 - Our New Testament Authority
  • Lesson 12 - Obey Those Whom God Has Put To Lead You
  • Lesson 13 - Chase After The Kingdom Of God
  • Lesson 14 - The Importance Of Going To Church!
  • Lesson 15 - Gaining Supply From The Body For Sustenance
  • Lesson 16 - Preparing Your Children For The Kingdom of God
  • Lesson 17 - Benefits Of Adult Sunday School
  • Lesson 18 - The Church Must Grow
  • Lesson 19 - Who Are These Wise Men?
  • Lesson 20 - Be Hot And On Fire For God
  • Lesson 21 - Church Members Or Permanent Visitors
  • Lesson 22 - The Need For A Youth Ministry
  • Lesson 23 - Commitments To The Work Of God
  • Lesson 24 - The Ten Commandments I
  • Lesson 25 - The Ten Commandments II
  • Lesson 26 - The Ten Commandments III
  • Lesson 27 - Understanding The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Lesson 28 - The Many Different State Of Man’s Heart I
  • Lesson 29 - The Many Different State Of Man’s Heart II
  • Lesson 30 - Getting Help From Egypt - The Folly of Not Trusting God
  • Lesson 31 - Take Egypt Out Of You To Get to Canaan
  • Lesson 32 - Which One Are You - The Wise Or The Foolish Virgin?
  • Lesson 33 - Why Abraham Is Called a Friend of God?
  • Lesson 34 - Family Communication Is Priority
  • Lesson 35 - The Power Of God In Water Through Prayers
  • Lesson 36 - Understanding Your Life And Money
  • Lesson 37 - Everything God Does Is Perfect
  • Lesson 38 - Seeking God For Spiritual Powers And Anointing
  • Lesson 39 - "Husbands And Wives, Stop Wasting Your Time Praying"
  • Lesson 40 - Wisdom In Marriage!
  • Lesson 41 - Do Not Be A Christian Hypocrite
  • Lesson 42 - Your Truth Vs God’s Truth?
  • Lesson 43 - Afflictions Will Teach You A Lesson
  • Lesson 44 - A Place Of Forgiveness
  • Lesson 45 - ...Killers Of Marriage I
  • Lesson 46 - ..Killers Of Marriage II
  • Lesson 47 - Whose Report Will You Believe?
  • Lesson 48 - The Real Price That Jesus Paid By Dying On The Cross.
  • Lesson 49 - The Mark Of The Beast (6 6 6) Is Coming
  • Lesson 50 - What Is Death to The Faithful Christians?
  • Lesson 51 - The Events of After Death
  • Lesson 52 - Beware Of Worldly Holidays That Will Ensnare
  • Lesson 53 - The Holiness That God Requires
  • Lesson 54 - Do Righteous Works - Be a Hand to the Helpless I
  • Lesson 55 - Do Righteous Works - Be a Hand to the Helpless II
  • Lesson 56 - Carnal Mindedness Is Death
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