Key Facts About  The Bible: The History & Its Purpose

Key Facts About The Bible: The History & Its Purpose

By Dr. Francis Adedeji
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Book Description

Get To Know More About The Bible That You Are Reading!

The Bible is the world's greatest ancient Book, the information within it is up-to-date and completely relevant for every man and every situation today. The Bible does tell us everything we need to know about God and our relation to Him plus what we need to know to enter Heaven. To benefit from the Bible we need to scrutinize, pay close attention to the Words of God. One who is far from the Holy Spirit will have a problem understanding the scriptures mentally and spiritually and will not understand what the Bible is sayings, thereby disobeying its laws and refusing to act on it. 
How is your stand as a child of God according to the Word of God? Is it upright in the Lord or have you compromised with the world? Let your knowledge of the word grow, as it is your lamp. Keep the flame of your lamp burning so that the light of the word will show you the path to take in life.  Get to know more of the Word of God!

Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Chapter 1 - - - THE BIBLE
  • Chapter 2 - - - The Seven Dispensations of Biblical Periods
  • Chapter 3 - - - The Bible’s Impact Against All Odds?
  • Chapter 4 - - - Bible Facts
  • Chapter 5 - - - Biblical Revelations, Inspiration, Illumination, and Interpretation?
  • Chapter 6 - - -Instructions For Effective Bible Study
  • Chapter 7 - - - Basic Convictions We Must Hold Toward the Bible
  • Chapter 8 - - - Bible Words And Its Functions
  • Chapter 9 - - - The Holy Alphabet
  • Chapter 10 - - - Names And Titles Of Jesus Christ In the Bible
  • About The Author
  • Other Two Books By The Author
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