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The Three Musketeers
Alexandre Dumas
The Three Musketeers

A young Gascon moves to Paris to join the King’s Musketeers where he starts to investigate the kidnapping of his landlord’s wife.

Author’s Preface
The Three Musketeers
I: The Three Presents of d’Artagnan the Elder
II: The Antechamber of M. de Tréville
III: The Audience
IV: The Shoulder of Athos, the Baldric of Porthos and the Handkerchief of Aramis
V: The Kings’s Musketeers and the Cardinal’s Guards
VI: His Majesty King Louis XIII
VII: The Housekeeping of the Musketeers
VIII: Concerning a Court Intrigue
IX: d’Artagnan Shows Himself
X: A Mousetrap in the Seventeenth Century
XI: In Which the Plot Thickens
XII: George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
XIII: Monsieur Bonacieux
XIV: The Man of Meung
XV: Men of the Robe and Men of the Sword
XVI: In Which M. Séguier, Keeper of the Seals, Looks More Than Once for the Bell
XVII: Bonacieux at Home
XVIII: Lover and Husband
XIX: Plan of Campaign
XX: The Journey
XXI: The Countess de Winter
XXII: The Ballet of La Merlaison
XXIII: The Rendezvous
XXIV: The Pavillion
XXV: Porthos
XXVI: Aramis and His Thesis
XXVII: The Wife of Athos
XXVIII: The Return
XXIX: Hunting for the Equipments
XXX: d’Artagnan and the Englishman
XXXI: English and French
XXXII: A Procurator’s Dinner
XXXIII: Soubrette and Mistress
XXXIV: In Which the Equipment of Aramis and Porthos Is Treated Of
XXXV: A Gascon a Match for Cupid
XXXVI: Dream of Vengeance
XXXVII: Milady’s Secret
XXXVIII: Hoe, Without Incommoding Himself, Athos Procures His Equipment
XXXIX: A Vision
XL: A Terrible Vision
XLI: The Seige of La Rochelle
XLII: The Anjou Wine
XLIII: The Sign of the Red Dovecot
XLIV: The Utility of Stovepipes
XLV: A Conjugal Scene
XLVI: The Bastion of Saint-Gervais
XLVII: The Council of the Musketeers
XLVIII: A Family Affair
XLIX: Fatality
L: Chat Between Brother and Sister
LI: Officer
LII: Captivity: The First Day
LIII: Captivity: The Second Day
LIV: Captivity: The Third Day
LV: Captivity: The Fourth Day
LVI: Captivity: The Fifth Day
LVII: Means for Classical Tragedy
LVIII: Escape
LIX: What Took Place at Portsmouth August 23, 1628
LX: In France
LXI: The Carmelite Convent at Bethune
LXII: Two Varieties of Demons
LXIII: The Drop of Water
LXIV: The Man in the Red Cloak
LXV: Trial
LXVI: Execution
LXVII: Conclusion
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