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Twenty Years After
Alexandre Dumas
Twenty Years After

Four musketeers are drawn back together by current events after many years apart, try to save Charles I from Cromwell, and are pursued by the now-grown son of a former female adversary.

I: The Ghost of Cardinal Richelieu
II: A Nightly Patrol
III: Dead Animosities
IV: Anne of Austria at the Age of Forty-Six
V: The Gascon and the Italian
VI: D’Artagnan in His Fortieth Year
VII: Touches Upon the Strange Effects a Half-Pistole May Have Upon a Beadle and a Chorister
VIII: How d’Artagnan, on Going to a Distance to Discover Aramis, Discovers His Old Friend on Horseback Behind His Own Planchet
IX: The Abbé d’Herblay
X: Monsieur Porthos du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds
XI: How d’Artagnan, in Discovering the Retreat of Porthos, Perceives That Wealth Does Not Necessarily Produce Happiness
XII: In Which It Is Shown That if Porthos Was Discontented with His Condition, Mousqueton Was Completely Satisfied with His
XIII: Two Angelic Faces
XIV: The Castle of Bragelonne
XV: Athos as a Diplomatist
XVI: The Duc de Beaufort
XVII: Describes How the Duc de Beaufort Amused His Leisure Hours in the Donjon of Vincennes
XVIII: Grimaud Begins His Functions
XIX: In Which the Contents of the Pâtés Made by the Successor of Father Marteau Are Described
XX: One of Marie Michon’s Adventures
XXI: The Abbé Scarron
XXII: Saint Denis
XXIII: One of the Forty Methods of Escape of the Duc de Beaufort
XXIV: The Timely Arrival of d’Artagnan in Paris
XXV: An Adventure on the High Road
XXVI: The Rencontre
XXVII: The Four Old Friends Prepare to Meet Again
XXVIII: The Place Royale
XXIX: The Ferry Across the Oise
XXX: Skirmishing
XXXI: The Monk
XXXII: The Absolution
XXXIII: Grimaud Speaks
XXXIV: On the Eve of Battle
XXXV: A Dinner in the Old Style
XXXVI: A Letter from Charles the First
XXXVII: Cromwell’s Letter
XXXVIII: Henrietta Maria and Mazarin
XXXIX: How, Sometimes, the Unhappy Mistake Chance for Providence
XL: Uncle and Nephew
XLI: Paternal Affection
XLII: Another Queen in Want of Help
XLIII: In Which It Is Proved That First Impulses Are Oftentimes the Best
XLIV: Te Deum for the Victory of Lens
XLV: The Beggar of St. Eustache
XLVI: The Tower of St. Jacques de la Boucherie
XLVII: The Riot
XLVIII: The Riot Becomes a Revolution
XLIX: Misfortune Refreshes the Memory
L: The Interview
LI: The Flight
LII: The Carriage of Monsieur le Coadjuteur
LIII: How d’Artagnan and Porthos Earned by Selling Straw, the One Two Hundred and Nineteen, and the Other Two Hundred and Fifteen Louis d’Or
LIV: In Which We Hear Tidings of Aramis
LV: The Scotchman
LVI: The Avenger
LVII: Oliver Cromwell
LVIII: Jésus Seigneur
LIX: In Which It Is Shown That Under the Most Trying Circumstances Noble Natures Never Lose Their Courage, Nor Good Stomachs Their Appetites
LX: Respect to Fallen Majesty
LXI: D’Artagnan Hits on a Plan
LXII: London
LXIII: The Trial
LXIV: Whitehall
LXV: The Workmen
LXVI: Remember!
LXVII: The Man in the Mask
LXVIII: Cromwell’s House
LXIX: Conversational
LXX: The Skiff Lightning
LXXI: Port Wine
LXXII: End of the Port Wine Mystery
LXXIII: Fatality
LXXIV: How Mousqueton, After Being Very Nearly Roasted, Had a Narrow Escape of Being Eaten
LXXV: The Return
LXXVI: The Ambassadors
LXXVII: The Three Lieutenants of the Generalissimo
LXXVIII: The Battle of Charenton
LXXIX: The Road to Picardy
LXXX: The Gratitude of Anne of Austria
LXXXI: Cardinal Mazarin as King
LXXXII: Precautions
LXXXIII: Strength and Sagacity
LXXXIV: Strength and Sagacity—Continued
LXXXV: The Oubliettes of Cardinal Mazarin
LXXXVI: Conferences
LXXXVII: In Which We Begin to Think That Porthos Will Be at Last a Baron, and d’Artagnan a Captain
LXXXVIII: Shows How with Threat and Pen More Is Effected Than by the Sword
LXXXIX: In Which It Is Shown That It Is Sometimes More Difficult for Kings to Return to the Capitals of Their Kingdoms, Than to Make an Exit
XC: Conclusion
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