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Atlantic Interactions: A Textbook for Caribbean History Students – 2nd Edition
David V.C. Browne, Henderson Carter
Education & Teaching
Atlantic Interactions: A Textbook for Caribbean History Students – 2nd Edition
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Taking students on a history lesson across the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Interactions explores Indigenous societies in the Atlantic, enslavement in the Caribbean and revolutions in Atlantic settlements such as the Americas and West Africa. The book is student-friendly and emphasizes the acquisition of historical concepts, critical thinking, research skills, problem solving and factual knowledge.

Firmly established as a key text for students pursuing the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE®), this new and expanded edition of Atlantic Interactions covers the entire History syllabus requirement for students, providing a sound basis for study and examination success.

Look out For!
• End of chapter activities that aid understanding of the key topics
• Numerous document-based, short response and essay questions
• A full list of reference and suggestions for further reading
• ‘Things to Consider' and 'Key Terms and Concepts' features that will sharpen enquiry skills and encourage reflection

Preliminary pages
To the Teacher
To the Student
Section A: Indigenous Societies
Chapter 1: The Concept of an Atlantic World
Chapter 2: Indigenous Societies of the Americas
Chapter 3: Pre-Columbian Contacts and Spanish Conquest
Section B: Slave Systems, Character and Dismantlement
Chapter 4: Experiences and Strategies of Survival of Enslaved Peoples
Chapter 5: Disintegration of Slave Systems: Resisting Enslavement
Chapter 6: Abolition and Emancipation
Section C: Freedom in Action
Chapter 7: Popular Protests in the Caribbean
Chapter 8: Nation-building: Haiti and Cuba
Section D: Atlantic Settlements and Revolutions to 1800
Chapter 9: Atlantic Settlements to 1763: The Americas and West Africa
Chapter 10: The European Enlightenment and Atlantic Revolutions
Section E: Industrial Revolutions and Nationhood in the Atlantic World
Chapter 11: The English and American Industrial Revolutions: Atlantic Causes
Chapter 12: Nationhood in the Americas: The USA, Brazil and Venezuela
Section F: Global Conflict, Decolonisation and the South
Chapter 13: Global Conflict: World War I and Nazism in Germany
Chapter 14: The Russian Revolution
Chapter 15: Decolonisation, Global Dialogue and the South
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