Michael J. Carlowicz, Lawrence Friedl, Kevin A. Ward
Science & Math
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From its origins, NASA has studied our planet in novel ways, using ingenious tools to study physical processes at work-from beneath the crust to the edge of the atmosphere. We look at it in macrocosm and microcosm, from the flow of one mountain stream to the flow of jet streams. Most of all, we look at Earth as a system, examining the cycles and processes-the water cycle, the carbon cycle, ocean circulation, the movement of heat-that interact and influence each other in a complex, dynamic dance across seasons and decades.For all of the dynamism and detail we can observe from orbit, sometimes it is worth stepping back and simply admiring Earth. It is a beautiful, awe-inspiring place, and it is the only world most of us will ever know

Curving Cloud Streets, Brazil and Bolivia
A Trio of Plumes, South Atlantic Ocean
Filling the Valleys, Peru
A Glorious View, Pacific Ocean
Punching Holes in the Sky, United States
Bering Streets, Arctic Ocean
Riding the Waves, Mauritania
Cloud Shadow, Germany
Double Trouble, Pacific Ocean
Making Tracks, Pacific Ocean
Tracing the Coast, China
Four Mountains Stand Out, Pacific Ocean
Framing an Iceberg, South Atlantic Ocean
Valley Fog, Canada
Holuhraun Lava Field, Iceland
Lofted Over Land, Madagascar
Channel Country, Australia
Tea-Colored Rupert Bay, Canada
Coral Cocos, Indian Ocean
Bay of Whales, Russia
Storms Stir Up Sediment, Bermuda
The Meeting of the Waters, Brazil
A Lava Lamp Look at the Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean
Teeming Life in the Strait of Georgia, Canada
Ephemeral Lake Frome, Australia
Dueling Blooms, Barents Sea
A Bay Sculpted by Ice, Canada
Tidal Flats and Channels, Bahamas
The Blooming Baltic, Baltic Sea
Waves Beneath the Waves, Trinidad
Land of Lakes, Canada
Plankton and Sulfur, Namibia
Åland Islands, Scandinavia
Crater Lakes with Clear Water, Canada
Mergui Archipelago, Southeast Asia
Scarlet Lake Natron, Tanzania
Swirling Bloom off Patagonia, Argentina
A Curious Ensemble of Wonderful Features, United States
Megadunes and Desert Lakes, Mongolia
Colorful Faults of Xinjiang, China
Bowknot Bend, United States
From Rainforest to Rain Shadow, United States
A Blaze of Color, Sweden
Folds and Curves of the Kavir, Iran
Fanning Out in Farmland, Kazakhstan
The Zones of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Liwa Oasis, United Arab Emirates
Don Juan Pond, Antarctica
Linear Dunes, Caprivi Strip, Namibia
Harratt Lunayyir Lava Field, Saudi Arabia
Taranaki and Egmont, New Zealand
Cultivating a Border, China and Kazakhstan
Barrier Islands, Brazil
Tsauchab River Bed, Namibia
Ice and Snow
Mertz Loses Part of Its Tongue, Antarctica
Swimming with Ice Cubes, United States
Franz Josef Land, Arctic Ocean
No Green in This Land, Greenland
Mackenzie Meets Beaufort, Canada
Sea Ice at Shikotan, Japan and Russia
North Patagonian Icefield, South America
Manning Island and Foxe Basin, Canada
Ice Water, United States
Omulyakhskaya and Khromskaya, Russia
Phytoplankton on Ice, Antarctica
Heart-Shaped Uummannaq, Greenland
Puma Yumco, China
Grounded in the Caspian, Kazakhstan
Ice-Covered Delta, Canada
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