Earth at Night: Photographs and Images From Space of Our Planet’s Nightlights
NASA Administration
Science & Math
Earth at Night: Photographs and Images From Space of Our Planet’s Nightlights
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An Introduction to Nightlights
Blue Marble Becomes Black Marble
Vision and Remote Sensing
Seeing Is Sensing
What Is Light?
Remote Sensing
Orbiting Tools to Observe Nightlights
Improvements in ISS Photography—Northeastern United States
Coming into Focus—Cairo, Egypt
Where Do Nightlights Come From?
Beyond City Lights—Java Sea
Moonlight, Old Lights, and New Lights—Gulf of Mexico
A World of Change
Nature’s Light Shows
Tracking Fires Day and Night—Northwest United States
Progression of the Rim Fire—Yosemite, California
Spreading Like Wildfire—Yakutia, Siberia, Russia
City Lights, or Not—Australia
Billowing Smoke in the Night-—Idaho and Montana
Fires Light Up Mount Vesuvius—Naples, Italy
The Infrared Glows of Kilauea’s Lava Flows—Hawaii
Mount Tongariro Erupts—New Zealand
Nighttime Glow at Mount Etna—Italy
Mount Etna Erupts—Italy
Moonlight and Moonglint
Moon Phases—Persian Gulf
Moonglint—Elba and the Mediterranean
Clouds and Lightning
Marine Layer Clouds—California
A Blizzard by Moonlight—Northeastern United States
Sensing Lightning from the ISS—Saudi Arabia and Bolivia
Elusive Sprite Captured from the ISS—Southeast Asia
The Electric Eye of Cyclone Bansi—Indian Ocean
Snow and Ice
Snow Cover—Great Lakes Region, United States
Polar Darkness—The Arctic
Aurora Borealis—Midwestern United States
Looking Down at the Aurora—Northern Hemisphere
Aurora Lights Up the Night—Antarctica
Night Colors—Russia
Waves in Airglow—Texas
Human Light Sources
Urban Structure
Constrained by Geography—Reno, Nevada
Grid of City Blocks—Phoenix, Arizona
Unpopulated Slopes of an Active Volcano—Naples, Italy
Dazzling Coastlines—Italy
Living on Fertile Land—Nile River, Egypt
The Winding Seine River and the City of Light—Paris, France
Lighting Paths to Oil—Qatar
Snaking Along Canyon Cliffs—Haifa, Israel
Differences in Socio-Economic Strategies—Korean Peninsula
Now You See Them, Now You Don’t—Argentina
A Well-Lit Border, Indus River—Pakistan
Urban Development
Lighting Paths—Across the United States
The Brightest Spot on Earth—Las Vegas, Nevada
Rapid Urban Growth—Shanghai, China
Turning Up the Lights—India
Olympics at Night—Sochi, Russia
Power Outages
Hurricane Maria
Hurricane Maria into the Night—Puerto Rico
Lights Out—Puerto Rico
Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew Brushes Florida Coast—Southeast United States
Lights Out After Matthew—Southeast United States
Hurricane Michael
Florida Slammed by Hurricane Michael—Florida Panhandle
Michael Churns at Night—Florida Panhandle
Lights Out in Michael’s Wake—Florida Panhandle
Hurricane Sandy
Overnight View of Hurricane Sandy—Eastern United States
Blackout—New Jersey and New York
Other Power Outages
Lights Out in Hatteras—North Carolina
Rare Derecho Causes Power Outages—Washington, D.C.
Earthquake Aftermath—Nepal
Effects of War
Conflict in the Middle East—Syria
Nightlights Change in the Middle East—Syria and Iraq
Shale Revolution: As Clear as Night and Day—South Texas
Ten Percent of the World’s Gas Flares in One Spot—Nigeria
Gas Flares in Bahía de Campeche—Gulf of Mexico
Gas Drilling—North Dakota
Connection Between Gas Flaring and Arctic Pollution—North Dakota
Sea-Going Vessels
Something Fishy in the Atlantic Night—South Atlantic Ocean
Korea and the Yellow Sea—Korean Peninsula
Holiday Lights
Bursting with Holiday Energy—United States
The Lights of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr—Middle East
Appendix A: NASA's Black Marble Product Suite
Appendix B: Making a Cloud Free, Global, Earth-at-Night Image Using NASA's Black Marble Product Suite
Appendix C: OLS and VIIRS Technical Details
Appendix D: Additional Credits and Information
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