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The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
Hugh Lofting
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle

A young boy begins his apprenticeship with Doctor Dolittle, accompanying him on a series of adventures in search of a floating island and a missing naturalist.

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
Part I
I: The Cobbler’s Son
II: I Hear of the Great Naturalist
III: The Doctor’s Home
IV: The Wiff-Waff
V: Polynesia
VI: The Wounded Squirrel
VII: Shellfish Talk
VIII: Are You a Good Noticer?
IX: The Garden of Dreams
X: The Private Zoo
XI: My Schoolmaster, Polynesia
XII: My Great Idea
XII: A Traveler Arrives
XIV: Chee-Chee’s Voyage
XV: I Become a Doctor’s Assistant
Part II
I: The Crew of The Curlew
II: Luke the Hermit
III: Jip and the Secret
IV: Bob
V: Mendoza
VI: The Judge’s Dog
VII: The End of the Mystery
VIII: Three Cheers
IX: The Purple Bird-of-Paradise
X: Long Arrow, the Son of Golden Arrow
XI: Blind Travel
XII: Destiny and Destination
Part III
I: The Third Man
II: Goodbye!
III: Our Troubles Begin
IV: Our Troubles Continue
V: Polynesia Has a Plan
VI: The Bed-Maker of Monteverde
VII: The Doctor’s Wager
VIII: The Great Bullfight
IX: We Depart in a Hurry
Part IV
I: Shellfish Languages Again
II: The Fidgit’s Story
III: Bad Weather
IV: Wrecked!
V: Land!
VI: The Jabizri
VII: Hawk’s-Head Mountain
Part V
I: A Great Moment
II: “The Men of the Moving Land”
III: Fire
IV: What Makes an Island Float
V: War!
VI: General Polynesia
VII: The Peace of the Parrots
VIII: The Hanging Stone
IX: The Election
X: The Coronation of King Jong
Part VI
I: New Popsipetel
II: Thoughts of Home
III: The Red Man’s Science
IV: The Sea-Serpent
V: The Shellfish Riddle Solved at Last
VI: The Last Cabinet Meeting
VII: The Doctor’s Decision
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