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Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Complete 20th Century History: eBook Third Edition
Neil Smith, Peter Smith, John Cantrell
Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Complete 20th Century History: eBook Third Edition
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Exam Board: Cambridge
Level and subject: IGCSE & O Level History
First teaching: 2022
First exams: 2024

Complete support for Option B '20th Century History' and all Depth Studies in the latest Cambridge IGCSE & O Level History syllabuses. Written by subject and assessment experts, our resources enable your students to develop and apply crucial historical skills with extensive source material and stimulating discussion topics. The Student Book thoroughly prepares students for high-stakes assessment with key points, revision tips and review questions, whilst providing clear curriculum support.

Section 1
1. How far was the Treaty of Versailles fair?
2. How far was the League of Nations a success in the 1920s and 30s?
3. To what extent was aggressive German nationalism responsible for the breakdown in international order in the 1930s?
4. Why did the wartime alliance collapse, 1945–49?
5. How far was the United States able to limit communist expansion?
6. How far was the USSR able to exert its influence over the eastern bloc states from the end of World War Two until 1989?
Section 2
7. The Great War, 1914–18
8. Germany: from the end of World War One to the end of World War Two
9. Russia, 1905–41
10. The United States, 1919–41
11. The Second World War in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, 1939–c. 1945
12 Preparing for assessment
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