The New Integrated Approach Science Book 4
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The New Integrated Approach Science Book 4
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Science plays an integral role in our lives. We are curious and constantly seek answers to questions through investigations and conducting experiments.

The New Integrated Science Book 4 is designed to engage the students in acquiring the scientific skills and attitudes that will enable them to work like scientists. The book is aligned to the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) for Grade 4. It is student friendly and caters to all learners.

Multiple opportunities are provided for them to practice the 21st century skills - creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Throughout the book students are given tasks to become active participants in the learning process. Teachers will act as facilitators as they monitor and foster learning.

Students are also challenged to deepen their understanding of the topics through research and investigation. At the end of each unit is a review assessment so all stake holders can find out how much of the content was grasped.

The writers are confident that this book will guide students in fulfilling the requirements set out in the curriculum and in so doing prepare them to be able to master the Primary Exit Profile (PEP).


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Video Introduction
Skill Words - Activity
Movie: Exploring our world using Science
Exploring our World pg 9
What is Science? pg 10
What is Science? continued pg 11
Scientists at work pg 12
Skills in Science pg 13
Investigation pg 14 - Group 1
Investigation pg 14 - Group 2
Investigation pg 15
Attitudes of Scientists pg 16
Scientific Method pg 17
Fair Test: Investigation 1 pg 18
Fair Test: Investigation 2 pg 18
Working Like a Scientist pg 19 - 20
Research pg 21
Review pg 22 -23
Living Things pg 25
Living Things: Activity pg 26
Investigation: Features of living things pg 27 - 30
Movie: Characteristics of Living things pg 29
Living and Non-living things pg 30
Activity A pg 31
Activity B pg 31
Common needs of plants and animals pg 32
Collaboration: Common needs of plants and animals pg 33
Investigation: Do plants need nutrients? pg 34
Investigation: Do plants need air? pg 35
Do plants need air? (Cont'd) pg 35
Investigation: Do plants need water? pg 36 - 37
Engineering: Care of Plants pg 38
Do animals need shelter? pg 39
Engineering: Animal Shelter pg 39
Do animals need nutrients? pg 40
Research: Nutritional Value pg 41
Do animals need air? pg 42
Do animals need water? pg 43
Review pg 44-47
Plants and Animals pg 49
Plants pg 50
Activity: Nature Walk pg 51
Activity: Nature Walk pg 52
Movie: Root & Shoot System
The Root System pg 53
Functions of Root pg 54
Investigation: How plants absorb water pg 54 - 55
Activity: pg 54 - 55
Group Work pg 55
Design & Craft pg 56
The Shoot System pg 57
Tech Corner: The Shoot System pg 57
Investigation: What will happen if all the leaves are removed from a plant? pg 58
Investigation: How important is the stem to the plant? pg 59
Media: 3D Model - Flower Anatomy
What are the functions of the flower? pg 60
Activity pg 60 (Cont'd)
Activity pg 61
What are the functions of the Flower? pg 62
How Plants Reproduce? pg 63
Communication: Letter Writing pg 64
Animals pg 65
Where do animals live? pg 66
The External features of Animals pg 67
The basic structures of animals pg 68
Activity: Group Work pg 69
The Coverings of Animals pg 70
Grouping Animals pg 71
Review 72-75
Unit 1 - THE SENSE ORGANS pg 76
Movie: Sense Organs
The Sense Organs pg 77
Media: 3D Model - The Human Brain
The Brain and the Sense Organs pg 78
Activity pg 79
Activity pg 80
Sense Organs of Animals pg 81
The Eye pg 82
The outer parts of the eye pg 83
Media: 3D Model - Cross-section of the eye
Inner parts of the eye pg 84
How does the eye work? pg 85
Activity pg 86
The Ear pg 87
Ears: Activity pg 88
How we hear sounds pg 89
The Nose pg 90
Nose: Activity pg 91
Nose: Investigation pg 91
Nose: Activity pg 92
The Tongue pg 93
Investigation: The Tongue pg 93
Investigation pg 94
Activity pg 95
The Skin pg 96
The Epidermis pg 97
Skin: Activity pg 98
Functions of the skin pg 99
Skin: Activity pg 100
Can our senses mislead us? Sight pg 101
Mirage pg 102
Can our sense of taste mislead us? Taste pg 103
Activity: Taste or Smell pg 103 - 104
Can our ear mislead us? Hearing pg 104
Communication Task pg 105
Find a Word pg 106
How can I care for and protect my sense organs? pg 107
Limitations of the Senses pg 108
Coping with loss of hearing pg 109
Review pg 110 -114
Unit 2 - MATERIALS - Introduction pg 115
Materials - Introduction pg 116
Activity pg 117
Properties of Materials pg 118
Activity pg 119
Material: Paper (Investiogation) pg 120
Test to find the absorbency of paper pg 121
Material: Wood (Investigation) pg 122
Material: Fabric pg 123
Activity pg 124
Movie: Matter
Matter pg 125
Activity pg 126
Features of Matter pg 127
Review 128-131
Unit 1 - WATER AND AIR pg 132
Water and air pg 133
Investigation: Properties of Water pg 134
Investigation: Shape & Volume of Water pg 135
Investigation: Other Properties of Water pg 136
States of Water: Liquid pg 137
States of Water: Solid pg 137
States of Water: Gas pg 138
Investigation: Test if water conatins air pg 139
Investigation: Temperature at which water boils pg 139
Investigation: Effects of salt and ice on water pg 140
Investigation: Water as a Solvent pg 141
Where does water come from? pg 142
Research pg 143
Investigation: How Clean is our Water? pg 144
Movie: Water Pollution
Water Pollution pg 145
How can I make water safe for drinking pg 146
Communication Task pg 147
Investigation: Water from different sources pg 148
Conservation of Water pg 149
Air pg 150
Investigation: Where is air? pg 151
Investigation: To test the presence of air in the atmosphere. Properties of Air? pg 152
Properties of Air pg 152 - 154
Investigation pg 154
Does Air have mass? pg 155
Is air colourless? pg 156
Does air exert pressure? Investigation pg 157
Components of Air pg 158
How do we make use of Air? pg 159
Extended Learning pg 160
How can the air I breathe in be unsafe? pg 161
Air Pollution pg 162
Air Pollution: Collaboration pg 163
Air Pollution: Activity pg 164
Air Filter pg 165
Air-bourne diseases pg 166
Air-bourne diseases: Activity pg 167
Review pg 168-172
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