By Claudette D. Bacchas
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Book Description

Claudette D. Bacchas Shares a Roadmap for Life “EAT GREEDILY: GOD’s Word: More Necessary Than Food” encourages readers to foster desire for the Word of God
The stress and demands of daily life can be overwhelming and these concerns can cause people, even Christians, to lose focus on their spiritual health. The consequences of being spiritually malnourished can be devastating. In her insightful book, EAT GREEDILY: GOD’s Word: More Necessary Than Food, Claudette D. Bacchas invites others to stock up on spiritual food and equip themselves with the nourishment that comes from God’s Word.
A proud Christian, Bacchas shares that it is her personal and living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, a bond that continues to grow after over thirty-three years that inspired her to write her book. It is founded on her experiences with God as she feasted on His Word daily. In it, she encourages both Christians and non-Christians to foster desire for the Word of God, saying that it is a source of inspiration, wisdom and discernment.
“This book teaches us to depend on God and his word to give us the solution to our problems. It also allows us to know that God’s Word not only encourages us but it corrects us,” she says. A roadmap for navigating through life’s many twists and turns, EAT GREEDILY: GOD’s Word: More Necessary Than Food is a transformative journey that will nourish the soul, uplift the spirit and comfort the heart.

The book has four Chapters:

Chapter 1 - Food for Thought
Chapter 2 - Revelations
Chapter 3 - Confirmations
Chapter 4 - Feature Articles

About the Author
Claudette D. Bacchas was born in Lamb’s River, a district in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, to Henry and Lenna Clarke.
From an early age, she developed a love for reading which was instrumental in igniting her passion for writing.
In 1976, she experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As she studied God’s Word she would consistently record what she learnt and kept daily journals. The desire to be a writer emerged from these practices which would be used later.
In 2007, she obtained a Diploma in Freelance Writing from Penn Foster.
Her first major writing assignment was the compilation of her father’s writings into the book, Songs of Inspiration and Hope, which was published in April 2010.
Her Book “Eat Greedily God’s Word: More Necessary Than Food” was inspired by Job Chapter 23:12 and is based on her experiences with God as she feasted on His Word daily.
Her prayer is that every individual who reads this book will come to know Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior.

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