Web Accessibility for Developers
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Web Accessibility for Developers
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Web Accessibility for Developers is a technical book aimed primarily at programmers. Learn how to develop accessible interactivity on the Web and gain expertise using WAI-ARIA, a W3C specification that enables optimal use of assistive technologies, like screen readers, when navigating the Web.

Title Page
Table Of Contents
Getting the Most Out of This Book
Who Should Read This Book
Accessibility Statement
Types of Disabilities and Barriers
Why Learn About Accessible Web Development
AODA Background
1. Introduction
1.1 Objectives and Activities
1.2 Submitting Coding Assignments and Using GitHub
1.3 Activity 1: How to Submit Assignments
1.4 Introduction to the jQuery Plugin
1.5 Other WAI-ARIA Libraries
1.6 ChromeVox Screen Reader Install and Setup
1.7 Activity 2: Set Up and Use ChromeVox
1.8 WAI-ARIA and HTML 5
1.9 Self-Test 1
2. Introduction to WAI-ARIA
2.1 Objectives and Activities
2.2 What is WAI-ARIA?
2.3 Roles, States, and Properties
2.4 Static vs. Dynamic WAI-ARIA
2.5 Browser and Screen Reader Support for WAI-ARIA
2.6 Graceful Degradation vs. Progressive Enhancement
2.7 Validating WAI-ARIA
2.8 WAI-ARIA Taxonomy
2.9 Activity 3: WAI-ARIA Scavenger Hunt
2.10 Self-Test 2
3. Basic WAI-ARIA
3.1 Objectives and Activities
3.2 WAI-ARIA Landmarks
3.3 Common Static WAI-ARIA
3.4 WAI-ARIA Alert and Message Dialogs
3.5 Using Tabindex
3.6 Keyboard Interaction
3.7 Application and Presentation Roles
3.8 Live Regions
3.9 Activity 4: WAI-ARIA Landmarks and Alerts
3.10 Self-Test 3
4. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Basic)
4.1 Objectives and Activities
4.2 Toggle Buttons (Activity Example)
4.3 Suggestion Boxes
4.4 Activity 5: Accessible Suggestion Box
4.5 Tooltips
4.6 Activity 6: Accessible Tooltips
4.7 Progress Bars
4.8 Activity 7: Accessible Progress Bar
5. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Intermediate)
5.1 Objectives and Activities
5.2 Sliders
5.3 Activity 8: Accessible Slider
5.4 Accordions
5.5 Activity 9: Accessible Accordion
5.6 Tab Panels
5.7 Activity 10: Accessible Tab Panel
5.8 Carousels
5.9 Activity 11: Accessible Carousel
6. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Advanced)
6.1 Objectives and Activities
6.2 Menu Bars
6.3 Activity 12: Accessible Menu Bar
6.4 Tree Menus
6.5 Activity 13: Accessible Tree Navigation
6.6 Sortable Lists
6.7 Activity 14: Accessible Sortable List
Book Recap
Answer Key: Self-Tests
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