Green IS: Building Sustainable Business Practices

Green IS: Building Sustainable Business Practices

By Richard Watson
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Sustainability
  • The need for green IS and green IT
  • The information drives
    • Ubiquity
    • Uniqueness
    • Unison
    • Universality
    • VĂ©lib
    • Systems design
  • A frameworks of sustainability options
    • Individual pollution prevention
    • Individual product stewardship
    • Individual adoption of cleaner technology
    • Organizational pollution prevention
    • Organizational product stewardship
    • Organizationally cleaner technology
    • Societal pollution prevention
    • Societal product stewardship
    • Societal cleaner technology
  • Organizational perspectives
    • Strategic alignment
      • Aggregation
      • Adaptation
      • Arbitrage
  • Three approaches to ecological thinking
    • Eco-efficiency
    • Eco-equity
    • Eco-effectiveness
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