By Richard Watson
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • 1. Electronic commerce: An introduction
    • Electronic commerce defined
    • Who should use the Internet?
    • Why use the Internet?
    • Disintermediation
    • Key themes addressed
  • 2. Electronic commerce technology
    • Internet technology
    • Infrastructure
    • Electronic publishing
    • Electronic commerce topologies
    • Security
    • Electronic money
    • Secure electronic transactions
  • 3. Web strategy: Attracting and retaining visitors
    • Types of attractors
    • Attractiveness factors
    • Sustainable attractiveness
    • Strategies for attractors
    • Conclusion
  • 4. Promotion: Integrated Web communications
    • Internet technology for supporting marketing
    • Integrated Internet Marketing
  • 5. Promotion & purchase: Measuring effectiveness
    • The Internet and the World Wide Web
    • An electronic trade show and a virtual flea market
    • The role of the Web in the marketing communication mix
    • Web marketing communication: a conceptual framework
  • 6. Distribution
    • What is the purpose of a distribution strategy?
    • What does technology do?
    • The Internet distribution matrix
    • The effects of technology on distribution channels
    • Some long-term effects
  • 7. Service
    • What makes services different?
    • Cyberservice
  • 8. Pricing
    • Web pricing and the dynamics of markets
    • Flattening the pyramid and narrowing the scope of marketing
    • Migrating up the pyramid and more effective marketing
  • 9. Post-Modernism and the Web: Societal effects
    • What is modernism?
    • And Post-Modernism?
    • Fragmentation
    • Dedifferentiation
    • Hyperreality
    • Time and space
    • Paradox, reflexivity, and pastiche
    • Anti-foundationalism
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