Legends & Romances of Spain
Lewis Spence
Literature & Fiction
Legends & Romances of Spain
Chapter I: The Sources of Spanish Romance
The Cradle of Spanish Song
Roman and Visigoth
The Romance Tongues of Spain
The Rise of Castilian
Southward Spread of Castilian
The Literary Development of Castilian
The Poetical Courts of Castile
The Rise of Romance
Castilian Opposition to the Chansons de Gestes
The Cantares de Gesta
The Chronicles
The Ballads
The Heyday of Romance
Possible Moorish Influence on Spanish Romance
Arabic Poetry
Moorish ‘Fashion’ in Spanish Romance
The Type of Spanish Romance
Chapter II: The “Cantares de Gesta” and the “Poema del Cid”
The Singers of Old Spain
The Story of Bernaldo de Carpio
The “Poema del Cid”
Its Only Manuscript
Its Authorship Unknown
Other Cantares of the Cid
Metre of the “Poema del Cid”
The Poem Opens
Money-lending in the Eleventh Century
Donna Ximena
The Taking of Alcocer
The Combat with the Moorish King
The War with Raymond Berenger
The Cid Makes War Seaward
The Cid Welcomes his Family
The Battle with King Bucar
The Cid’s Daughters Wed
The Adventure of the Lion
A ‘Secret Service’ Story of “The Cid”
The Fighting Bishop
The Infantes’ Revenge
The Court at Toledo
Redress by Combat
Enter Asur González
The Trial by Combat
The Real Cid
Chapter III: “Amadis de Gaul”
Origin of the “Amadis” Romances
Elisena and Perion
The Birth and Casting Away of Amadis
Perion’s Dream
Amadis Goes on Adventure
Lisuarte’s Vow
The Firm Island
The Firm Island
The Firm Island
Amadis Passes the Archway
Oriana’s Cruelty
The Poor Rock
Oriana Repentant
Amadis Slays Famongomadan
Amadis Quarrels with Lisuarte
‘The Greek Knight’
War with Lisuarte
The Treachery of Archelaus
The Wedding of Amadis and Oriana
Chapter IV: The Sequels to “Amadis de Gaul”
Lisuarte of Greece
Amadis of Greece
Florisel of Niquea
Agesilan of Colchos
Silvio de la Selva
Chapter V: The Palmerin Romances
Palmerin de Oliva
The Fairy Damsels
The Quest for Trineus
Palmerin of England
The Castle of Almaurol
Cervantes’ Eulogy
Chapter VI: Catalonian Romances
Partenopex de Blois
The Mysterious Castle
The Type of ‘Partenopex’
Tirante the White
The Hermit Earl
Chapter VII: Roderic, Last of the Goths
Roderic’s Fate
Satan’s Stratagem
The Death of Roderic
Chapter VIII: “Calaynos the Moor” “Gayferos” and “Count Alarcos”
Count Alarcos
Chapter IX: The Romanceros or Ballads
The “Cancionero General”
The “Romancero General”
The Maiden Tribute
Count Fernán González
The Infantes of Lara
The Wedding of the Lady Theresa
Garcia Pérez de Vargas
Pedro the Cruel
The Moor Reduan
Chapter X: The Romanceros or Ballads—continued
Don Alonzo de Aguilar
Moorish Ballads
The Zegris’ Bride
The Bridal of Andella
Zara’s Earrings
Romantic Ballads
Count Arnaldos
Chapter XI: Moorish Romances of Spain
The Arabian Astrologer
Cleomades and Claremond
The Three Beautiful Princesses
The Story of Prince Ahmed
The Paynim’s Promise
The Dream of King Alfonso
The Prince who Changed Crowns
Fernando Makes Comparison
Fernando Meets his “Double”
Chapter XII: Tales of Spanish Magic and Sorcery
The Religion of Witchcraft
The Story of Dr Torralva
Moorish Magic
The Dean of Santiago
Spectres and Apparitions
Chapter XIII: Humorous Romances of Spain
Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”
The Figure of Don Quixote
The Adventure at the Inn
Don Quixote’s Love-Madness
The Army of Sheep
Mambrino’s Helmet
The Adventure of the Windmills
The Story of the Captive
The Flight from Algiers
The Growth of Cervantes
The Second Part of “Don Quixote”
Lazarillo de Tormes
Guzman de Alfarache
Guzman as Scullion
Tormented by Devils
Guzman Joins the Beggars of Rome
Guzman Cheats a Banker
Short Bibliography of Works in English dealing with Spanish Romance
Table of Contents
Revision History
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