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Complete Computer Science for Cambridge IGCSE® & O Level Revision Guide
Alison Page, David Waters
Education & Teaching
Complete Computer Science for Cambridge IGCSE® & O Level Revision Guide
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With a practical approach and a strong emphasis on problem solving and computational thinking skills, this revision guide includes all the essential tools to build exam confidence. Closely matched to the Student Book, it is packed with key ideas and practice questions. Written by highly experienced authors and examiners, Complete Computer Science helps to deliver the strongest exam results.

1 Data representation
1.1 Binary systems
1.2 Hexadecimal
1.3 Data storage
2 Communications and the Internet
2.1 Data transmission
2.2 The Internet
2.3 Safety online
3 The processor
3.1 Logic gates
3.2 Logical processing
3.3 Inside the CPU
4 Hardware
4.1 Input devices
4.2 Output devices
4.3 Memory and storage
5 Software
5.1 Systems software
5.2 Computer languages
6 Security
6.1 Security threats
6.2 Security protection
7 Ethics
8 Programming
8.1 Introduction to programming
8.2 Begin coding
8.3 Selection
8.4 Repetition
8.5 Data structures
9 Solution development
9.1 Worked examples
9.2 Testing and evaluation
9.3 Developing algorithms
9.4 Development methods
10 Databases
10.1 Database design
10.2 Database queries
Answers to knowledge test questions
Answers to exam preparation and exam-style questions
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