Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Geography Course Companion

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Geography Course Companion

By Garrett Nagle, Briony Cooke
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Book Description

Prepare IB learners to achieve and progress. Developed directly with the IB for the revised syllabus first examined 2019, this Course Book fully supports all the SL and HL themes. Integrating concept-based learning and with even more support for EAL learners, this text helps you truly deliver the IB approach to learning Geography.

Fully support the revised syllabus for first examination 2019, developed directly with the IB

Engage learners with topical case studies they can instantly relate to the world around them

Get the best from your EAL students with straightforward language and integrated definitions

Simplify complex ideas and develop conceptual awareness with a focused, concept-based approach

Build assessment potential, with assessment support that secures the essential exam foundations

Supporting Study Guide fully prepares learners to succeed in IB assessment

Covers all the core and optional themes for SL and HL

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Course Companion definition
  • The IB learner Profile
  • The location of case studies
  • Contents
  • Option A Freshwater - Drainage Basins
    • 1 Drainage basin hydrology and geomorphology
    • 2 Flooding and flood mitigation
    • 3 Water scarcity and water quality
    • 4 Water management futures
  • Option B Oceans and Coastal Margins
    • 1 Ocean–atmosphere interactions
    • 2 Interactions between oceans and coastal places
    • 3 Managing coastal margins
    • 4 Ocean management futures
  • Option C Extreme Environments
    • 1 The characteristics of extreme environments
    • 2 Physical processes and landscapes
    • 3 Managing extreme environments
    • 4 Extreme environments’ futures
  • Option D Geophysical Hazards
    • 1 Geophysical systems
    • 2 Geophysical hazard risks
    • 3 Hazard risk and vulnerability
    • 4 Future resilience and adaptation
  • Option E Leisure, Tourism and Sport
    • 1 Changing leisure patterns
    • 2 Tourism and sport at the local and national scale
    • 3 Tourism and sport at the international scale
    • 4 Managing tourism and sport for the future
  • Option F The Geography of Food and Health
    • 1 Measuring food and health
    • 2 Food systems and the spread of disease
    • 3 Stakeholders in food and health
    • 4 Future health and food security and sustainability
  • Option G Urban Environments
    • 1 The variety of urban environments
    • 2 Changing urban systems
    • 3 Urban environmental and social stresses
    • 4 Building sustainable urban systems for the future
  • Unit 1 Changing Populution
    • 1 Population and economic development patterns
    • 2 Changing populations and places
    • 3 Challenges and opportunities
  • Unit 2 Global Climate - Vulnerability and Resilience
    • 1 The causes of global climate change
    • 2 The consequences of global climate change
    • 3 Responding to climate change
  • Unit 3 Global Resource Consumption and Security
    • 1 Global trends in consumption
    • 2 Impacts of changing trends in resource consumption
    • 3 Resource stewardship
  • Unit 4 Power, Places and Networks
    • 1 Global interactions and global power
    • 2 Global networks and flows
    • 3 Human and physical influences on global interactions
  • Unit 5 Human Development and Diversity
    • 1 Development opportunities
    • 2 Changing identities and cultures
    • 3 Local responses to global interactions
  • Unit 6 Globl Risks and Resilience
    • 1 Geopolitical and economic risks
    • 2 Environmental risks
    • 3 Local and global resilience
  • Index
  • Back Cover
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